Wednesday Riff: Tumbleweed

Hosea, that old, old prophet, made a promise way back,
And Jesus knew it from his scraggy, ragged wilderness days.
The tender voice of God.
Tugging, sustaining, wooing, shaking, calming, supplying.
‘I will lead my people into the desert,
And there I will speak tenderly to them.’
Deserts? Hmm… but tenderness…
Jesus sought out the dry places,
The barren lands of morning,
Went searching for the tender voice of his Father.
‘This is my precious son, listen to him.’
‘You are my precious child, treasured and valued.’
‘I love you, let me see you and hear you.’
The tender voice calls, wooing, tugging, drawing, calming.
As life’s tumbleweed skitters by.

Hosea 2 v 14, Song of Songs 2 v 14

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