Thursday Extra: The Four Wise People

And lo, there arose in the sky a new star, and four travellers began to follow it.
They came from the east and the west and the north and the south.
One was a remainer.
One a brexiteer.
One sat firmly on the fence, wishing it would all go away.
And one was just plain confused.
They met in a crowded coffee shop and ended up sharing a table.
One had a mocha, one a flat white, one had a hot chocolate, one a decaff tea.
At first the four almost came to blows, their voices growing in pitch and volume, their exchanges increasingly heated. Their heads drawing ever closer over the steaming drinks.
Then one of them mentioned the new star, and their quest to follow it.
And silence fell.
For they were all in the same boat here.
And now, their differences scuppered, they had a decision to make.
Should they venture alone, with their limited visions?
Or pool resources and share their various bits of knowledge?
And when the drinks were drunk, and their seats vacated, they met again outside.
Four disparate travellers, on the same journey, to follow a star, and find a child.

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