Monday Rewrite: Inextinguishable

We left this planet. All of us. And I’m not talking about daydreams, or hallucinations, or alien intervention. And it’s not a euphemism. I mean they wiped us out. All of us. In the end. We’d been warned of course, he’d seen it coming. A long time before, and back then it was hard to imagine it would really happen. But it did. We stayed the course, remained faithful, stuck with it and saw it through to the end. And in spite of the fears and the frustrations and the fallings out, we could see it was worth it. Every step and every mis-step. This thing was gold. Still is. Worth everything. The best thing that ever happened to any of us. And though we lost one version of life and they took our breath, they couldn’t steal our souls. Couldn’t take the glorious prize we’d found. The treasure buried in that overlooked field. They couldn’t take that from us. No way. It was worth going the last mile. Because it wasn’t the last mile. Because his last mile wasn’t the last mile. There was more, so much more. Still is. The gates of life thrown wide by his battered, skewered hands. So we did it. Went through. Stephen first, then James, then one by one the rest of us. This bungling crew, forever arguing amongst ourselves once up on a time. We gave everything. And our giving was not in vain. The seeds had been sown. Billions of them. They tried to wipe away any trace of us. But the love keeps growing. The flame is inextinguishable. Totally. And for those of you still alive and living on planet earth, let me assure you of this: nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever separate you from the love and presence of God as expressed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He is with you. He is on your side. Always.

Acts 7 & 12, Romans 8 v 31-39

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