Thursday Riff: For us

He has made this troubled wilderness his home,

He’s walked through the valley of the shadows here,

This Good Shepherd, come to save his sheep,

The king in dusty, creased, everyday clothes,

Dirt in the cracks of hands, grit under his nails.

He’s resisted temptation for us,

Done battle in the empty places,

Made himself raw and vulnerable for us.

Now the new day beckons, a day for meeting us…

In our eating and drinking, in our work, play and rest,

When the walls are closing in a little,

And in the regular routines of our existence.

Does the ground tremble now,

As he makes his gentle, powerful way towards us,

Every step sending out tremors of hope.

As he heads towards us today, invitation in his hands,

To call followers and leaders, dreamers and doers,

To build bridges, and comfort the weary,

To encourage the stragglers and sit with the exhausted

To challenge the proud, surprise the complacent,

To strengthen the broken, and open new doors,

To crouch with the crushed, and run with the heroes,

To wait with the undecided and startle the bored,

To dance with the free and wait with those in the shadows,

To set worlds turning once more, smaller and larger

Than we might expect, more present than the noise,

Or the silence.

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