Film Friday reflection: Black Widow

There is a great light-hearted moment in this movie when Black Widow’s sister, Yelena, challenges her about why she adopts her dramatic fighting poses all the time. Yelena drops awkwardly into a typical Black Widow crouch, wobbling a little as she does so, asking why she bothers to posture like that, what’s the point? ‘Such a poser,’ she says. Natasha (Black Widow) replies that while she is posing she is saving the world a little, fighting evil. Jesus challenged us about posing too. He was concerned about reality, and about helping us to break through to the real ‘us’. He understands the pressure we are under to put on a show at times (I’m always trying to be what I think others want) and he spoke of the truth setting us free. He also encouraged us to avoid public shows of religiosity or goodness. ‘You don’t need to make a show of it,’ he said, ‘don’t parade yourself for the benefit of others. Do it quietly.’ He talked about going away from the limelight to pray. A little like Natasha, we are fighting evil and saving the world a little when we pray, bringing these things and our worries to God, and reaching out with kindness to express his love. But we don’t need a cape or batwings or a fighting pose. We don’t need to look good or powerful at all. God is all we need, and though our egos will always battle for their time in the spotlight (I’m doing battle with mine all the time), the powerful moments are in the talking to God, telling him about the world and its problems, and in the regular and random acts of compassion done in his name and with his care.

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