Peace on Earth?

Peace on earth, and goodwill to all,

The longings rise up, the questions, the call.

Peace on earth, promised long ago,

When the tiniest child arrived here below.

Peace on earth, yet war seems to rage,

Restless souls dominate the age,

We long for peace yet still live with the noise,

Seem to side so quickly with that which destroys.

Peace on earth, and goodwill to all,

That’s our prayer for today, our longing, our call,

If only we knew what makes for that peace,

If only we could make the storms cease.

The footprints of one who walked through our war,

Are still here in our dirt, marked for evermore,

And the way of his peace, is offered again,

A vulnerable call, not an easy refrain,

The prince of peace building in us

A home of hope and a way of trust.

Peace comes to earth each moment each day,

In the hands, feet and faces of those walking the way,

In the flawed footprints of any and all

Who today live for peace, and that goodwill call.

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