Wednesday Riff: Fear

Perfect love can drive it out, a love beyond our own,
The fear that can grip us on a daily basis,
Fear of the past, the future, the present,
Of what might be and what that might mean.
Fear that paralyses, holds us in its headlights,
Stuns us with its towering glare.
Good to know we are not alone,
In reality fear is a shared language,
One that we all know only too well,
Though finding the right words is not easy.
How we need one who holds the keys to hope,
One who understands our problems so well,
One who has faced these giants and knows them,
Sees through them and offers us help and hope.
Offering the comfort, strength and courage,
The love that calms, each time the terror rises,
Each time the weight of worry falls on us.
And one who can give us the words to say,
That might set others free to face these giants,
And bring them from the shadows into the light.

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