Film Friday: Belfast

In this riveting tale of a Belfast family, set in 1969 as the troubles were escalating, we see life in its fullness. Celebration, fear, hope and heartache are all writ large in the lives and faces as we follow this loving family through each day. The streets grow ever more dangerous, but Ma, Pa, Buddy and Will love this place and its people and, in spite of the danger, they don’t want to leave it. It’s a story to both lift your spirits and break your heart. At one point young Buddy expresses his love for a girl in his class, and asks his Pa if they have a future, because she’s from a catholic family and he’s a protestant. ‘Of course,’ his father tells him, ‘if her family is kind and fair, and you two have respect for each other.’ Kindness, fairness and respect. Young Buddy radiates these qualities as he hurtles through this film… and how much we need to seek out and hold onto these things for today. To coin a biblical phrase from the prophet Micah, ‘mercy, justice and humility’. Costly but precious currencies in this turbulent, wonderful, unexpected life.

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