Film Friday: Jerry Maguire

This film is famous for two lines – ‘Show me the money!’ and ‘You had me at… hello.’

Jerry is a sports agent who one night sees things so clearly that he rewrites the rule book, or rather… writes a mission statement. He realises his work has become all about making money, instead of caring about people and relationships. When he hands out the document to the others in the company, they applaud him at first, and then he is fired. But one person decides to go with him, Dorothy. She believes in what he’s written and admires him for it. And so begins the uphill struggle of Jerry trying to make things work on his own. He and Dorothy fall in love, but Jerry can’t let her close, and so they go separate ways. Then she says to him, ‘Don’t let the rest of your life be a joke.’ This film is full of great lines and that’s a good ‘un. Jerry lives in a world of fakery, where praise and adulation come your way – just so long as you’re winning. But Jerry can’t escape the mission statement he wrote. He wants more, something real. And when success does come his way, it doesn’t hit the spot. We can live our lives on small-talk, big-talk and banter. Perhaps a lot of us do. Certainly Jerry does. But Dorothy sees more than that. She wants reality and relationship. And she keeps knocking on the door of Jerry’s heart to see if he’ll open it. Jerry’s mentor and hero, Dickie Fox, says, ‘If there’s nothing in your heart, then it doesn’t matter what’s in your head.’ Jesus taps on the door of hearts too. And he promises that with him we can experience truth and reality, cutting through what is false and fake, and that opening up to him can set us free.

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