Wednesday Riff: Dusty

Easy to think that God is only about
The bright and beautiful, happy and glorious,
Forgetting that Jesus was a man of sorrows
Acquainted with grief and trouble.
A dusty saviour, well used to grit and grime,
Danger, sweat, threat and oppression.
That he walks the streets and sits in the gutter
With those pounded by life,
That he knows what it is to be rejected and hurt,
Manipulated and misused.
That he sits with us when everything has fallen apart,
When we have stumbled and fallen once more,
When we doubt ourselves and question everything,
When we face another rocky road and thorny climb.
He took the name of Immanuel, God-with-us,
Not distant and removed from the clutter and mess,
Not standing back from all that claws at us,
But coming close, unafraid of the dirt and the dark.
Right here. Right now. On our side.
With a head full of understanding,
And a heart full of compassion and strength.
For us. For everyone. For you.

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