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Dave Hop

Dave Hop

Contemporary Bible Communicator

An Advent Prayer

Lord, Christmas so clearly affects us, The plans, presents, parties, and preparations of all kinds. It affects our resources, our time, our energy, But what of Advent? The promise of … Read on

Tuesday Extra: Changing Professions

Started out as a humble carpenter-builder, Fixing furniture and houses with his earthly dad. Working with wood and stone, Crafting something good from very little. Ended up as a Sunday … Read on

Christmas Resources and Ideas

A collection of Christmas pieces, admittedly many of them shared before, but gathered together in case you find them useful. The first few are responsive stories, involving the audience. You … Read on

Thursday Extra: Imagine a Perfect World

Imagine a perfect world, full of splendour, excitement, peace and all the good things that make life worth living. With all the best entertainment, food, sports, music, theme parks, shops, … Read on

Thursday Extra: Russian Dolls

There’s a Russian Doll on the mantelpiece, resembling folks like me. Not so much the face and shape – the layers we can’t see. I doubt we mean to make … Read on

Saturday Extra: Face to Face

I saw him in a bar, didn’t like the look of him at all, wasn’t what I was expecting. Hair a little too ragged, a little too long. He’d shaved … Read on

Thursday Extra: Two Famous Men

Two famous men, both wanted, both guilty. By the end of the day one will be dead, the other never more alive. The first guilty man wakes, sits up, feels … Read on

Friday Extra: Tale of Tales

As I was out walking one day I came across a boy fleeing home towards a risky adventure, his pockets stuffed with his father’s cash. I climbed a fence and … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Together

How very good and pleasant it is when people live together in harmony. When forgiveness oils the wheels of relationships, When kindness is the currency. When understanding is the language … Read on

Saturday Extra: The Cost

Zebedee and his son James have a bit of a chat. James. Dad you know he we really love working with you? Zeb. (cautiously ) Is this about money, are … Read on

Saturday Extra: The Musician

Some people seem to carry their past in the way they walk. It’s all there on show. In a shuffle or a stoop or a spring in the step. Their … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Anger & Love

The Lord is gracious and compassionate Slow to anger and rich in love Unlike us Our anger, our love, just pale corrupted imitations His anger, his love, creative, full of … Read on

Film Friday: Hidden Figures

It is 1961. When Mary Jackson decides she wants to be an engineer at NASA she discovers she requires an extra qualification, one that she can only get at a … Read on

Saturday Rewrite: The Domestic

She eyeballs him. He eyeballs her. Will either of them confess? ‘What’s happening?’ The stranger repeats his question. He sighs, but she’s the one who opens her mouth. ‘We were … Read on

Easter Sunday Rewrite: Ghosts

She opens her eyes and stares at the window. As if it was time to wake up. As if she’d actually been asleep. It’s been a long night, she has … Read on

Saturday Extra: A Couple of Coins

For anyone who never realised that when they were doing something small they were actually doing something rather momentous. Cast: Andrew (A) Mum (M) A. What’s wrong mum? M. Oh … Read on

Yule Blog!

Great moment from Talladega Nights about preferring Jesus as a baby rather than letting him grow up! Not sure if this is really a Christmassy moment but it seems a … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Your Song

To be in your song To hear your singing of it To know it is about me To live in its melody To understand the lyrics To walk in its … Read on

All Saints Day Extra: The Map

A little conversation at supper between Jesus and a few flawed saints. ‘No we don’t.’ Thomas looks at him, straightening himself a little as he speaks, his eyes on fire. … Read on

Wednesday Riff: This Body

This body, walking, running, stumbling, limping, so diverse At times one step forward, sometimes two steps in reverse This body, old and young, tired, inspired, weak and strong This body, … Read on


This week’s midweek moment… We make our plans but God has the last word Life so often surprises me We make our plans but God has the last word I … Read on

The Monday Rewrite: The Inedibles

A bit of the Bible revisited. This week: Genesis 7: 1-4. The sheep and cows and doves are strutting their stuff. They’ve got lots of friends. They feel very confident indeed. … Read on

The Monday Rewrite: Top Dog

A bit of the Bible revisited. This week: 1 Samuel 18 vv 5-16. Whatever Saul asked the famous giantkiller to do, David made a good fist of it. So the … Read on

Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 46

Click here for part 45. Mr Quintius surveyed the eight cadets of Q1. Tiberius Sky shifted restlessly from foot to foot, everything about him larger than life and larger than … Read on

Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 45

Click here for part 44. They followed Mr Quintius out towards the sport fields. Normal and Tiberius were the last and as they followed Podium and Wagget stepped out of … Read on

Guardian Grange Heroes: Part 44

Click here for part 43. ‘So, there was this little girl, and she was massive, I mean absolutely massive. Like a huge monster.’ ‘How could she be massive if she … Read on

Guardian Grange Heroes Part 43

For part 42 click here. The headmaster reached into the safe and pulled out a key. It shimmered and kept changing colour as he held it up. ‘This my dear Mr … Read on

Guardian Grange Heroes Part 42

For part 41 click here. Normal just nodded. ‘How on earth did you get to… well… earth?’ asked the headmaster. Normal told him about diving into the Silver Lake and … Read on

Guardian Grange Heroes Part 41

For part 40 click here. Normal shrugged. The headmaster snapped his fingers and the music came to a stop. Two red leather armchairs were crouching beside a roaring log fire. … Read on

Awesome Ages

They’re as old as the hills – and some of them are older. Some of the Old Testament dudes lived so long their ages look more like telephone numbers. Can … Read on

Who Dost Thou Thinkest Thou Art?

There is an awful lot of begatting in the Bible. Begatting is kind of the Biblical name for producing children. Having said this, look at this list of names and … Read on

Marvellous Mixed-Up Stories

My daughter has this book called Mixed-up Fairy Tales and she loves getting them all wrong – e.g. Prince Charming… bit into… seven dwarves… fell asleep and turned into… a bowl of … Read on

Katastrophic Kings

The Bible contains more Kings than you can shake a sceptre at. In fact there are two whole books dedicated to Old Testament Kings… called…er  … hang on, let me … Read on