Matrix Reloaded – It Is Simply A Matter Of Time

Theme: The work of Jesus
Bible refs: Isaiah 42 vv 1-4
Similar clips: Pleasantville – Fires and Finn (to be posted soon)
Location of clip: 15 mins and 46 secs to 20 mins and 10 secs
Warning: Scenes contain one occurrence of swearing and gratuitous kissing!

Film Description:

This is part two of the complex Matrix trilogy. The crew of the ship the Nebuchadnezzar has arrived at Zion. The enemy is closing in and an army must be assembled to battle against them. Soon Commander Lock will address the rebels, inspire them for the struggle ahead. But before that there will be a celebration. Time for the people to relax and party.

Clip description:

Morpheus meets Commander Lock in his office and they argue about the solution to the present crisis. Lock does not believe in prophecies or Messiah’s. He does not believe Neo is the one. He just sees the need for soldiers to fight and stop the attacking enemy.
“Not everyone believes what you believe,” he tells Morpheus.
Morpheus replies, “My beliefs do not require them to.”
The councillor arrives and explains that he must address the people as there are many rumours regarding the gathering of so many ships and soldiers.
Morpheus tells him he believes that soon the prophecy will be fulfilled and the war will end. They have freed many minds in the past six months, all the signs are good.
“I hope you’re right,” says the councillor.
“I do not believe it to be a matter of hope,” Morpheus replies, “it is simply a matter of time.”
Neo and Trinity are kissing in the lift, when the doors open and they turn to see a crowd waiting for them. They step out to be greeted by a large gathering of needy people from all over the world. The people come forward reverently and begin to request Neo’s help for various problems.
Trinity starts to leave. But Neo says, “No, wait.”
“They need you,” Trinity replies.
“I need you,” Neo says.
“I know,” she says, “there’s time.”


Isaiah’s writing gives us an overview of Jesus’s mission, in the past and the future. He came to open physical and spiritual eyes, he came to battle evil and injustice, he came to set the world free. In the words of Morpheus, “He is the one.”
It must have been quite overwhelming for Jesus at times. Needy people flocked to see him, bringing their problems and their pain. No wonder he often told people to keep their healing quiet. In one incident his ministry is scuppered for a while because one excited man couldn’t hold his tongue and told too many locals. Jesus ended up fleeing to the wilderness to escape the attention. He must have been lonely at times. It’s hard to be misunderstood and he was certainly that. He needed his friends. He was fully human and needed to offload some of the pressure as it built up. It must have been difficult when sometimes, even they didn’t get him.
He also had to deliberately hide his message from the authorities who were looking for reasons to arrest him. He spoke in covert parables so they would hear but not necessarily understand, and when he wasn’t protected by the large crowds, he had to stay in hiding with some of his closest friends Martha, Lazarus and Mary.
But that won’t be his only visit to planet earth, he’s due a second one, and this time he will bring justice and righteousness to the whole earth. Not just through those people who dedicate their lives to him, but by global rule. He will take hold of the planet, give it a good shaking and bring the order and mercy that were once in evidence in the Garden of Eden. There’ll be no blind eyes when he comes a second time. Everyone will see him, no mistake. His ministry on his first visit was local, when the day of Pentecost came it became international, when he turns up again it will be truly global.


1.      Have you ever considered before how lonely Jesus might have been in his work?
2.      I wonder if we often forget about the God who wants us to love him and take an interest in him, and instead just see him as someone who can give us what we want?
3.      How do you feel about the image of Jesus as the conquering hero?
4.      History is littered with prophecies about the timing of Jesus second visit. What do you think about that? This topic sometimes scares me, what about you?
5.      Did the clip make you think about anything else?

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