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Lyrical Riffs

Lyrical Riffs

Readings with repetitive, arresting phrases.

Thursday Riff: Hallelujah, Amen

Is an Hallelujah any less If we’re murmuring or mumbling? Is an Amen any less If the words come stumbling? Though it’s hard to say, My Lord, Though the praise … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Not Me

If it had been me There on that dark Friday, With the words ‘Father forgive them…’ Hanging in the air, I might have been tempted to add, ‘Well… apart from … Read on

Sunday Riff: Colours & Portraits

At first the world was flooded With the colours of rainbow, Rampant, Uncontrollable, Exhilarating, Then a kind of red-grey Muddied the picture, The colour of deceit and death. Then a … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Longing

We long for you Lord, Our prayers rise up, Spoken and unspoken. Like something broken longing to be mended, Like bad news longing for good, Like discordant noise longing for … Read on

A Sunday Riff: We Wonder

As the sun disappears behind another night sky, We wonder. As the clouds swallow the light and steal it away, We wonder. As the darkness closes in, stealing evidence of … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Salvation

Entertainment can’t save us, Shopping can’t save us, The adverts can’t save us, Movies can’t save us, Fashion can’t save us, Sport can’t save us, Box sets can’t save us, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Living Sacrifices

Our lives are this strange mixture – Glory and grit, Seeing and believing, Questioning and doubting, Loving and hating, Getting it right, getting it wrong, Regretting and remembering, Trusting and … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Carrying

We carry our burdens, Our friends, enemies, achievements and failures, Celebrations, frustrations and disappointments; The steps we have taken, the ground we walk on, The dust under our nails, the … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Present

I’m the nudge inside your conscience, The anger you feel at injustice. I’m the whisper in the night, The push to keep on going, The call to take another step. … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Don’t Stop

Don’t stop believing… Though you don’t have all the answers, Though you sometimes think you do. Don’t stop believing… Though you feel like giving up, Though you want to take … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Sour Wine

Jesus drinks the sour wine of our shame; Drinks deeply of it, drinks it down and absorbs it. Mysterious and bitter, the poison that contaminates, Seeps into our being and … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Open Book

Sometimes we open the book, Take a stroll through the pages, Weave between the words, Take the hand of one or two phrases, And sidestep some of the others. Sometimes … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Searching

For thus says the Lord GOD: I myself will search for my sheep, and will seek them out. I won’t stay at a distance. I will come out into the … Read on

Wednesday Riff: The Whisper

There is a whisper, a quiet call. A still small voice, Willing us to come out from life’s crevices, From the rocks we hide behind. A subtle, hopeful invitation, ‘Come … Read on

Wednesday Riff: I Am

I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life, I am the resurrection. I am a fresh start and a new beginning, A voice in the wilderness … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Longings

We all have our longings O Lord, And we bring them to you as part of our worship. As Moses stood on that mountain top and looked down, Saw the … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Nothing Off Limits

We can bring everything to God, nothing is off limits with Him. Nothing too difficult, too harsh, too dark, Nothing too strange, too frightening, too unexpected, We can bring everything … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Offer

To offer a cup of water, A mug of tea, A helping hand, A moment to listen. To bring a kind word, A smile of encouragement, A sign of interest, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Father Forgive

A Prayer Exercise – based on Matthew 18 vv 15-20 Begin by reading the following passage from  Matthew 18: 15 “If another believer sins against you, go privately and point out … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Help Us

When we are tempted to put others down Help us to overcome evil with good When we long to pass on the latest piece of gossip Help us to overcome … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Sermon

They wait with bated breath as he walks to the front. ‘Love one another.’ He clears his throat and they live in hope. ‘Love one another.’ They can still recall … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Pause

Stop. Listen. Step aside From the rushing Of your mind. Take a moment, A second, A pause. His presence, Not the idea, The promise, The notion. But him, Here now, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: No Separation

What will separate us from the love of Christ? Will hardship, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Will politics, or fake news, or headlines … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Understood

O LORD, you have searched us and known us. You know when we sit down and when we rise up. You know when we are full of hope and enthusiasm, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: A Little Lower

Yet you have made us a little lower than the angels, You have crowned us with glory and honour. You have given us responsibility over the works of your hands … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Anger & Love

The Lord is gracious and compassionate Slow to anger and rich in love Unlike us Our anger, our love, just pale corrupted imitations His anger, his love, creative, full of … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Sweet Summons

We may gaze up at the night sky, squinting to see the lights of heaven, the shapes and wonders of God’s invention, the glimpses of his landing lights as they … Read on

Wednesday Riff: 3/1

In the beginning, When all was not as it is now; In the darkness, When light was just a twinkle in the Creator’s eye; In the past, When history was … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Valued & Called

Abraham was 75 when he followed God’s call, And took a step into the unknown. Anna was 84 when she spotted the baby Jesus, In a temple distracted by busyness. … Read on

Wednesday Riff: God’s Dry Stone Wall

So many stones, Small, large, smooth, jagged, new, old, Fitting into this craggy, jigsaw body, Different sizes, different shapes. All vital, all part of a bigger picture, Not a construction … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Emails

Like badly worded emails, There are spelling mistakes, The grammar is all adrift, And the Wi-Fi signal intermittent. We veer off at random tangents, Waffling terribly sometimes, We get our … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Everywhere

Those dry bones get everywhere In the workplaces and job centres In the homes and high streets In the schools and colleges Those dry bones get everywhere In the shops … Read on

Wednesday Riff: The Gate

I am the gate, whoever comes through me will find life. Others come to take and to steal, I have come to bring you life, and life in abundance. Others … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Confession

1 Happy are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the LORD. My walk is not blameless, I often break your laws, O Lord. 2 Happy … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Choosing Sides

We stand on the touch line of life, and we choose our sides. Paul or Apollos. This side or that. We pick the best, the winning team. The spiritual giants, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Church

We stand today with The poor church The persecuted church The grieving church The rejected church The pure-hearted church As part of the merciful church The lowly church The church … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Psalm

Praise the Lord! Praise him in the heights, Praise him on the earth, And everywhere you go. He made us and knows and loves us. He is the perfect father. … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Prayer and Time

Mixing Cement They kneel and pray, In their minds they’re mixing cement. Sometimes silent, Sometimes pleading, Sometimes grateful, Sometimes needing. Reminding themselves, Quietening themselves, Stilling themselves, Strengthening themselves. Waiting, questioning, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Transformation

Drawing on John chapter 4, and a Samaritan woman at a well… The people stare. They can’t quite believe it. Is it really happening? This woman, the talk of the … Read on

Wednesday Riff: He Said

He never said he was God. Instead he left trails, dropped hints, footprints in the dirt. He never said it would be easy, Straightforward, or without its pressures. He never … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Something Real

As Jesus ventured down the high street alone, He studied the posters of rocks and stones. ‘These make nourishing meals,’ the straplines read. But Jesus spoke quietly to himself and … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Wrestling by the River

We come to another river And find ourselves wrestling again Our true selves reflected back at us in the water, Wrestling with ourselves Wrestling with an angel Wrestling with God. … Read on