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Lyrical Riffs

Lyrical Riffs

Readings with repetitive, arresting phrases.

Wednesday Riff: For Those

For those who find life hard, For those who find faith hard, Those who don’t feel strong, Those who don’t feel powerful, Those not sorted out, Those for whom life … Read on

Wednesday Riff: One

One group, one people, one body, one hope. The struggling, the questioning, The strong, the stable. Those who know where they are going, And those who don’t, Those who have … Read on

Wednesday Riff: You

In the laughter and the longing You are there, In the deserts and the parties You are there, In the questions and the searching, In the knowing and the unknowing … Read on

Wednesday Riff: The Voice Cries Out

The voice cries out, The voice of one calling in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.’ Though our preparation may be small, Our steps … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Want

I want to change the world if only I could, Want to make things better as I feel I should, Want to line things up the way that they should … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Graceland

Imagine a land with no borders, A place with no clenched fists, A country where raised voices are a distant memory, An open space bereft of slamming doors, A forever … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Treasure

Treasure in dark places, Hidden, not from us, but hidden for us. Treasure To find, to savour, to pass on. Secreted in the darkness waiting for us, Longing for our … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Be Still

Be still. Stop and listen. For a moment… even… for 30 seconds, for 20, 15, 10, 5… Step aside from the rushing of your mind; the scrambling of your day; … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Lifeblood

Dying to know us. Dying to reach us. Dying to nourish us. Dying for a new life. Dying for something better. Dying for something real. Dying for something genuine. Dying … Read on

Saturday Riff: Hashtags

Hashtags They call out Copy me Like me Follow me Notice me. Hashtags Badges of hope. We all wear them To be liked To be noticed To be part of … Read on

Wednesday Riff: You cared

When no one else knew, When no one else saw, When no one else bothered, You cared. When no one else had time, When no one else had strength, When … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Understanding

Thank you, Lord, that you understand, That you have lived this life, Known sweat, tears, frustration and sadness, Known wonder, laughter, satisfaction and joy. You are not a God who … Read on

Wednesday Riff: This World

This world moves us And shakes us, Frustrates and makes us Angry, livid sometimes… The misjustice, the crimes, Giving us such indigestible questions, A kind of soulful indigestion. How much … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Small

When we look up at the night sky And see the breath-taking work of your hands, We wonder – what are people that you should care for us? When we … Read on

Wednesday Riff: The Embrace

Unfailing truth and love have met together, Righteousness and peace can be seen embracing, Truth springs up from the earth, And justice smiles down from heaven. Like long lost lovers … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Bigger

Love is bigger than anything That might stand in its way; A Roman cross, A death penalty, An angry mob, A wall of prejudice, Years of sadness, A wave of … Read on

Wednesday Riff: These Hands

This hand, an unknown woman, reaching up, A lunge, a grab for the very edge of a cloak, Healing, hope, desperation for a dying life. A hand going down in … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Now

He won’t fix all your problems, Though he may fix some. He won’t heal all your ills, Though he may heal some. He won’t make everything easy, Though some things … Read on

Wednesday Riff: This Week

This week I will no doubt trip up. Several times. Fall on my face and look a fool. I’ll put my feet in my mouth no doubt, Step in something … Read on

Wednesday Riff: For Some

‘I am with you always.’ For some it means putting one foot in front of another For some it means getting through the nights For some it means adventure For … Read on

Monday Riff: Knocking

Behold I stand at the door and knock, Waiting, longing, Through the days and nights, Hoping, willing, The door to open, Or perhaps the window nearby, Just a crack, just … Read on

Wednesday Riff: This Light

The darkness can never overcome it, This light, this love stronger than death, Shines on in the shadows and the emptiness. More resilient than doubts and despair, Pressure and put-downs. … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Us and Them

They look at him and see what they want to see. They easily create their boxes and put him inside, Contain the uncontainable in their own small world, Hem in … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Safari

We like to think we know, Like to claim we have it all worked out, Tidy, measured, quantified, sorted. But the invitation is to follow, to make a start. Not … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Tumbleweed

Hosea, that old, old prophet, made a promise way back, And Jesus knew it from his scraggy, ragged wilderness days. The tender voice of God. Tugging, sustaining, wooing, shaking, calming, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Stark Contrast

Lord, we long to be strong, To be impressive and powerful, To be the greatest, the best, The last one standing. We forget that, in bloodied weakness, In stark contrast … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Signs

Those places that we love, Those glimpses ever sweet, The travelling which warms our hearts, The best food we can eat. Signs of You. Signs of Another World. The calming … Read on

Wednesday Riff: The Revolution

The Revolution will not be about fists and fury, The Revolution will not be about bullying and bullets, The Revolution will not be about hate and hurting others, The Revolution … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Matter

You Matter. Though circumstances may rail against you, Though people may press you into a corner, You Matter. Though life squares up to you with the gloves off, Though success … Read on

Wednesday Riff: To Know You

More than just words on a page, Or prayers in a service. More than notions of belief, Or rules and theology. More than a hopeful solution, Or a different world-view. … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Control

So tiring at times, So wearing, To hold those reins, Grip so tightly, Doing our best to keep hold Of so many loose ends. So difficult to let go, So … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Clouds

I watch the casually drifting clouds, Making their gentle way across the blotting paper sky, No rush hour for them, No pressured race to get from A to B, No … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Us

We fear, We trust, We laugh, We play, We cry, We worry, We work, We spend, We doubt, We believe, We sing, We question, We agree, We argue, We’re frustrated, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Nest

The mother nudges her young to the ledge, They both look out and over the edge, Eases the child just a little more, It’s a long way down, but there’s … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Transfiguration

Lord, you changed that day, Transfigured those moments, Brought glory to that mountain top, Right into the lives of those everyday disciples. Lord, as we continue though this day, This … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Language

The first language of God is silence. Not success, Or victory, Or popularity, Or power. The first language of God is silence. Not a clamouring, Or a shouting, A vying … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Circumstances

To know you in all circumstances Not necessarily as an escape or a panacea Or perhaps as an excuse or explanation But as a God who has promised to be … Read on

Wednesday Riff: You Are There

In the first waking moments as we enter this world, You are there. In our growing and discovering, You are there. In our learning and questioning, arguing and boundary pushing, … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Sandals

Lord, we approach with bare feet, Vulnerable, humble, liberated. Letting go of so much that might get in the way. Aware of our own frailty, our humanity, Sensing the heat … Read on

Wednesday Riff: New Year

Our Christmas journeys may be Stressful and difficult and demanding, Whether trekking to a far destination Or simply making it through the season, Taking tough steps among the glitter and … Read on

Tuesday Riff: Blunders

Sometimes those blunders and regrets Can settle in the quiet corners of our being, Becoming dark creatures That bare their teeth from time to time, Frightening and subduing us. We … Read on

Thursday Riff: Hallelujah, Amen

Is an Hallelujah any less If we’re murmuring or mumbling? Is an Amen any less If the words come stumbling? Though it’s hard to say, My Lord, Though the praise … Read on