Books by Dave Hopwood

Noah’s Noisy Boat is a very noisy book!

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Bible Based Readings for Reflection and Worship.
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A personal take on some key Biblical happenings: from Creation to the Exodus, Christmas to Easter, get the inside track on the One behind it all.
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Assorted christian ramblings from a chaotic mind… In 2011 Dave Hopwood began spilling his thoughts and shaking the world, not many people noticed.

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Lots of stories from the Bible with the fun left in!

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Readings, stories and sketches for easy use in services, events, home meetings and lots of other places.
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Guardian Grange: Action, adventure, and tuck boxes!
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Four people break into the Bible using a few wires and a glass of green smoking liquid.
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120 readings drawing on Bible verses.
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A collection of daily, humorous reflections about life and faith from a 50-something Christian man, focusing specifically on his failings, fears and frustrations.

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A collection of stories to chew on.
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A totally new, action-packed retelling of the life of Jesus.
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An easy, entertaining way to read the Bible stories about Jesus.
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A page turning, big screen mystery; intrigue, murder and the quest for divine power.
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Life, film, faith & the Bible: 66 film clips described with thoughts and questions.
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A collection of Biblical parables retold with humorous & serious reflections.
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Christian books

A brief novel about life, friendship, music and faith.
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50 brief reflections (each one in 50 words) on extracts from the Book of Revelation.
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50 fifty-word extracts from the life of Jesus.
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A collection of 216 short 50-word reflections.
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100 film clips, described briefly with themes and Bible references.
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Fifty 50-word stories about various biblical prodigals and their different experiences.
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A 10 part Bible course drawing on the film Machine Gun Preacher.
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The second Max Maguire adventure : ‘Dave is such a good writer, he is able to blend Biblical history facts and brings them to life.
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“A nicely mixed ‘blokes’ bag’ of different voices, punchy, pithy, entertaining, thought provoking, inspiring.
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Entertaining emails from various Biblical characters.
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From Stonehenge to Angkor Wat, at the wrestling, the cinema, the supermarket.
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135 interactive Bible stories for all ages.
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A town turned upside-down by outrageous radicals.
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A novel in which a guy spends 40 days in the grounds of a moorland monastery.
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Psalms, God and rock ‘n’ roll.
Coming soon
A gripping, action-packed read, retelling the Bible for adults.
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This is a contemporary tale of three men, their women and their dads.
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An ordinary guy goes to the pub and, opening his battered Bible, reads and reflects and wonders everything you’ve ever wondered.
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A modern retelling of the story of Jesus, seen through the eyes of Tom, an out-of-work, out-of-luck guy, hanging around on the edges of this remarkable tale.
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A guy takes off for the weekend, escaping family and work pressures; stopping at various places along the way to reflect on Biblical passages and how they relate to his … Read on →
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Other books

One day can change everything – A twisting, jigsaw of a mystery.
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The final part of the first Danny Garret Trilogy – the cadets from Nimrods embark on another global mission.
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On this, his second adventure, Danny finds himself on a global quest battling dangers and dinosaurs.
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Danny Garret is an ordinary boy with a very ordinary life, then one day, to his horror, his father enlists him in the local cathedral choir.
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An old fashioned tale of good guys, bad guys and fully loaded water pistols.
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A tale of crime, greed, guns & cash and what happens when you put them all together.
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