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Film Friday

Film Friday

A weekly Movie Moment that brings the Bible to life.

Film Friday: Downton Abbey

There is big news at Downton – the King is coming to tea! Great excitement and trepidation fill the corridors of the stately home. But Barrow the butler seems a … Read on

Film Friday: Pavarotti

This documentary film tells the life story of world famous tenor Pavarotti, his formative years singing with his father, his marriage and family, and his incredible rise to global stardom. … Read on

Film Friday: Amazing Grace

Back in 1972 Aretha Franklin returned to the church of her upbringing and recorded a gospel album – Amazing Grace. It went on to be her biggest selling album. On … Read on

Film Friday: Yesterday

In the film Yesterday Jack Malek is a failing singer-songwriter on the verge of giving up, then something strange and extraordinary happens. One night Jack has a road accident and … Read on

Film Friday: Aladdin

When street thief and bumbling smooth guy Aladdin gets hold of a magic lamp containing a wise-cracking, three-wish-granting genie, he has little problem working out what he wants. He wants … Read on

Film Friday: Rocketman

If there is one thought that both films Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman have in common, it’s surely this – that fame and money and popularity cannot provide a deep sense … Read on

Film Friday: The Keeper

When German prisoner of war Bert Trautman turns out to be a rather handy goalkeeper he is invited to help out the local team, St Helens Town. However this does … Read on

Film Friday: Tolkien

When young John Ronald Tolkien needs a scholarship to continue his Oxford studies he goes to Professor Wright to try and convince him that he loves languages… Tolkien has already … Read on

Film Friday: Wild Rose

60 Minutes on a Stage is not Real Life. When Rose-Lynn Harlan comes out of prison, after a year-long sentence, she has her heart set on getting to Nashville and … Read on

Film Friday: The White Crow

Rudolph Nureyev is a brilliant ballet dancer in the making. He acquires the nickname the White Crowe, which means someone who stands out from the crowd. Oddly he is not … Read on

The Power of a Good Story

I love a good read/watch/listen… a story told in a compelling fashion. That’s one of the reasons why I love films. I love twists and turns, sudden jolts of laughter, … Read on

Film Friday: Dumbo

When Mrs Jumbo the elephant gives birth in Medici’s circus there is great excitement in the camp, but as the new animal emerges from the straw there is a shock … Read on

Film Friday: Us

When Adelaide Wilson and her family take a vacation in Santa Cruz things start to go pear-shaped when they spot a strange family lurking in their driveway… It turns out … Read on

Film Friday: The Aftermath

Lewis Morgan is a good man trying to be human in a terrible situation. After World War 2, as the allies settle in Germany and attempt to sort out the … Read on

Film Friday: Fisherman’s Friends

When Danny from London comes to stay in Port Isaac with his record industry pals, he tries to sign up a bunch of local shanty singers, The Fisherman’s Friends. Even … Read on

Film Friday: The Mule

Earl’s much loved, once flourishing flower business crashes and dies. Then he meets a young guy who, on finding out Earl has never had any traffic tickets or violations, invites … Read on

Film Friday: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

When biography author Lee Israel hits on hard times she resorts to selling a precious framed letter she owns. She is currently trying to write a biography of vaudeville comedian … Read on

Film Friday: Green Book

When classical pianist Dr Don Shirley needs a driver to take him on tour down in the deep south of America he hires working class Italian American Tony Vallelonga. What … Read on

Film Friday: Mary Queen of Scots

Scotland v England. Men v women. Catholics v protestants. Truth v blather. When Mary returns from France at 18 to take up her throne as Queen, a right old royal … Read on

Film Friday: Fences

Refuse collector Troy picks up rubbish and works hard for a living. He loves his wife Rose and speaks his mind. But when his son Cory comes home and tells … Read on

Film Friday: Awards, Roma and Elohim

It’s awards season in movie-land – the Oscars, the Baftas, the Golden Globes etc. You can always tell this time of year because the names of actors featuring in trailers … Read on

Film Friday: Stan & Ollie

In 1937 Laurel and Hardy were the biggest stars in Hollywood but, 16 years later, their star has faded and, short of funds, they travel to the UK to embark … Read on

Film Friday: The Favourite

Queen Anne is a troubled woman. Having lost 17 children she is emotionally damaged. But she is a strong woman in many ways too, a queen steering her nation through … Read on

Film Friday: Mary Poppins Returns

Years after Ms Poppins first visited the Bank’s family, the inimitable nanny returns, just as they need help once more. Michael and Jane have now grown up, and Michael has … Read on