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Film Friday

Film Friday

A weekly Movie Moment that brings the Bible to life.

Film Friday: The Death of Stalin

There is an age-old saying – power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, if ever there was a film about absolute power and corruption, this is it. Comrade Stalin rules … Read on

Film Friday: Home Again

When separated mum-of-two Alice hits her 40th birthday she decides to go out on the town to celebrate with her two friends. However she soon encounters a problem, in the … Read on

Film Friday Classic: North by Northwest

In the days before James Bond this action-thrills-and-spills epic exploded off the screen like a punch to the solar-plexus. Scenes of Cary Grant fleeing a low-flying, crop-spraying plane and then … Read on

Film Friday: La La Layers

Without doubt my favourite film of this year is the best-picture-Oscar-winner-for-two-minutes – La La Land, and I have spent many a conversation attempting to explain why. I’m very aware that … Read on

Film Friday: Flight

When a malfunction occurs, commercial pilot Whip Whittaker has to use every ounce of his strength and ingenuity to crash-land the plane. In doing so he saves all but six … Read on

Film Friday: Blade Runner 2049

We go back to the future again and, once more, it looks just a tad on the bleak side – an epically dark and dysfunctional mixture of the shining and … Read on

Film Friday: Victoria and Abdul

When the story begin Queen Victoria, Empress of India, is alive but not really living. She struggles out of bed, shuffles through her days, and shovels down her food. Then … Read on

Film Friday: The Limehouse Golem

Elizabeth Cree is on trial, accused of poisoning her husband John, who is himself suspected of a series of savage, grisly murders in London’s Limehouse. The court finds her guilty … Read on

Film Friday: Baby Driver

Gifted getaway driver ‘Baby’ hears the world through a veil of pop music. He has tinnitus and so listens to music all day to drown out the background noise. Here … Read on

Film Friday: My Cousin Rachel

When Philip’s cousin dies after marrying the beautiful and beguiling Rachel, Philip is convinced Rachel had something to do with it. However when he meets her he begins to fall … Read on

Film Friday: The Last Word

When lonely and embittered control freak Harriet comes across an obituary of a colleague in a newspaper, she decides that she will make sure her own obituary presents her in … Read on

Film Friday: Captain Underpants

George and Harold are two very good friends, who love playing jokes and have crafted a comic book featuring superhero Captain Underpants. When their school principal grows weary of their … Read on

Film Friday: All is Lost

When a man attempts to sail single-handedly across the Indian Ocean disaster strikes, he awakes one morning to finds his boat has struck a large stray container, and is rapidly … Read on

Film Friday: Dunkirk

I found Dunkirk deeply moving from the start, with the young soldiers trudging up the street towards the beach, then fleeing for cover as an unseen enemy picks them off, … Read on

Film Friday: I, Daniel Blake

When Katie moves from London to Newcastle she falls on hard times. Unable to get work or financial help from the authorities she first visits a food bank and then … Read on

Film Friday: Wonder Woman

Diana grows up as princess of the Amazons, training alongside them, but although she has incredible fighting skills, what she is called to do is battle for peace. She may … Read on

Film Friday: Anthropoid

In 1942 seven Czechoslovakian soldiers are parachuted secretly back into their own country with the express purpose of assassinating Hitler’s third in command, Reinhard Heydrich, the cruel ‘Butcher of Prague’. … Read on

Film Friday: Churchill

When Winston Churchill hears of plans for the D Day landings in Normandy he fears the worst, his mind filled with the disaster he planned in World War One at … Read on

Film Friday: Brooklyn

Whilst taking some time out this week I watched Brooklyn on DVD, a story about Eilis, a young Irish woman who travels to America in search of a new life. … Read on

Film Friday: Snatched

When Emily Middleton’s boyfriend dumps her unexpectedly, her mother Linda discovers this on Facebook and invites her to come home for some TLC. (If nothing else this little clip is … Read on

Film Friday: The Boss Baby

Seven year old Tim’s life is just dandy, he has adoring parents who give him 100% of their time, attention and love. Then one day a little brother arrives, and … Read on

Film Friday: Going In Style

Crime has often made for the best capers in film. Who can forget Michael Caine in The Italian Job, and that bullion-filled bus hovering on the cliff edge? Well, here … Read on

Film Friday: The Promise

As the First World War looms Armenian Michael Boghosian travels to Constantinople to train as a medical student. There he meets Ana and her lover Chris Myers, a renowned American … Read on

Film Friday: Their Finest

I’m told that the phrase ‘the truth will set you free’ can also be translated ‘reality will set you free’. Actor Ambrose Hilliard thinks he is being cast as the … Read on

Another Mother’s Son

When Louise Gould, living on occupied Jersey during World War Two, is asked to hide an escaped Russian prisoner, she eventually agrees. After her initial fear and reluctance she goes … Read on

Film Friday: Beauty and the Beast

When a selfish prince is turned into a brutish beast he is confined to his dark and dismal castle, shunned and forgotten by everyone else. Not far away Belle lives … Read on

Film Friday: Hail Caesar!

First off – this is not a new retelling of the gospel story, far from it. This is a comedy set in 1950s Hollywood in which movie star Baird Whitlock … Read on

Film Friday: Free Fire

When a gang of ne’er-do-wells meets a gang of boys-your mother-warned- you-about, in a lonely warehouse, only trouble can come of it. One lot have guns to sell and the … Read on

Film Friday: The Time of Their Lives

When downtrodden wife and grandmother Priscilla helps ageing movie star Helen onto a bus she finds herself unwittingly heading off on more than a day trip to the seaside. The … Read on

Film Friday: Viceroy’s House

It is 1947 and Lord Louis arrives in India with Lady Mountbatten, as the last British Viceroy, to oversee the handing over of power. One of the main issues is … Read on

Film Friday: T2 Trainspotting

One of the main themes explored in T2 Trainspotting is summed up in the question ‘Sick Boy’ Simon asks Mark Renton when he walks in the door of Simon’s pub. … Read on

Film Friday: Lion

When five year old Saroo is separated from his brother he crawls onto an empty train and falls asleep, he wakes to find himself bound for Calcutta, a thousand miles … Read on

Film Friday: The Shack

Firstly let me say this – I have not seen this film yet, it comes out in the UK in June. However, I came across these clips on a website … Read on

Film Friday: Sicario

This is a grim film, about an FBI agent who finds herself plunged into America’s battle against the smuggling of drugs into the U.S. from Mexico. It’s not all that … Read on

Film Friday: Hacksaw Ridge

Desmond Doss volunteers during World War two to serve as a medic in the army, but refuses to carry a weapon on religious and personal grounds. His approach does not … Read on

Film Friday: Jackie

A journalist arrives at Jackie Kennedy’s house, not long after her husband’s funeral, to conduct an interview for an article he is writing. ‘Don’t marry the president.’ So says Jackie … Read on

Film Friday: La La Land

When struggling jazz pianist Sebastian first meets aspiring actress Mia he blanks her. She hears him playing in a club and wants to congratulate him, but Sebastian has just lost … Read on

Film Friday: Sing Street

When Conor moves to a new tough school it’s not long before he spots Raphina, standing on some steps across the street. He goes over to say hello and immediately … Read on

Film Friday: Zootropolis

Zootopia is a place of peace and harmony, where all the animals live peacefully side by side. Fierce or friendly they have worked out their differences and now all get … Read on

Film Friday: Passengers

When Jim Preston wakes up on a spaceship he gets the shock of his life. He was supposed to sleep through the 120 year journey and wake up refreshed and … Read on