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Monday Rewrite

Monday Rewrite

Familiar Bible passages, seen with new creative eyes

Monday rewrite: Another World

There was another world, there had always been another world, another dimension; and he took them by the hand and led them into it, through the diminishing walls of this … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Lost

Jesus surveys the crowd, taking in every face, every precious life; the experiences, the fears, the doubts, the hidden things, the beauty, the worries, the hopes and aspirations. He’s been … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Christmas Cousins

Mary feels like a prodigal, upping sticks like this so suddenly, running away. But at the moment no one can tell. She’s not showing. So it’s easy to slip off. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Holy Haggling

It feels as if things are hotting up. He needs a break, and so heads for Tyre. Away from Israel for a while, out of the limelight. He keep his … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Wake Up Call

The man is ragged, doesn’t smell great. His clothes are strange and his face carries a mean glow. Sweat is everywhere. You wouldn’t want to meet him in a back … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Half As Good

If only she could find someone else, someone half as good. A man with half the compassion, half the humour, half the empathy and strength. Half the ability to fix … Read on

Monday Rewrite: I Have a Dream

I have a dream… that one day the heavens will open, and a staggering scene will appear. The Ancient of Days will make his entrance, alive with light and every … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Hannah’s Prayer

Based on 1 Samuel 2:1-10 – a revisiting of Hannah’s prayer. Hannah, her heart full of hope and laughter, smiles as she gazes on the face of her new born … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Lost Boy

He sits in the dirt, his head in his hands. The night closes in around him like a darkening storm, he glances up at the lights from the house, can … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Tears

He’ll go down in history for it. Doesn’t know it yet, as he cowers there like a wounded animal, his face drenched with phlegm and saltwater, his fists balled into … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Wonderful

She’s annoyed. Well of course she is. Can’t understand why he couldn’t see her point of view. Her sister always does this, off in a dreamland, being her usual airhead … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Strangers

She can’t believe it’s happening again. More strangers stepping out of the shadows. First it was her cousin, somehow knowing when she should not have done. Waddling a little under … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Giants

They’d been building for two weeks, and not getting that far, when Jack came home with the beans. Apparently all they needed to do was plant one and a stalk … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Afraid to Ask

Peter nudges his brother, and Andrew nudges John who nudges his brother. James frowns. He could be the one to ask, he knows that, he’s a blustering kind of person. … Read on

Saturday Extra: Future Deal

A little parable… He was sitting on a rusty oil drum tossing sharp stones into the canal when the stranger appeared. ‘Do I know you?’ he snarled gently. ‘Don’t think … Read on

Monday Rewrite: David and Michal

Two monologues delivered side by side. David stands on one side of the stage, Michal on the other. They address the audience, never looking at each other. This could be … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Cupboard

A short creative reading based on Ephesians 4:25-5:2 It’s not easy, these things keep springing out of the cupboards, rearing their heads like ugly jacks in the boxes of our … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Rocky?

Did he hear right? A rock? Why? What’s that mean? His brother’s at it again. Chasing the latest craze. Last week it was the badly dressed, odourly challenged, beardy John. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Living Again

He ducks down a side alley, it’s not the first time he’s done that today. Nowadays he takes the long way to wherever he is going. He’s getting to know … Read on

Monday Rewrite: A Quiet Afternoon

He’s taking the afternoon off. Going to do some gardening. He’s been so busy lately, needs a break. Time out. Things have changed so quickly he almost feels hunted some … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Derelict Building

The shiny new constructs overshadow it now. Smart clean buildings, all steel and gleaming concrete. The sign of a prosperous new dawn. Business and enterprise. You can practically hear the … Read on

Wednesday Riff: Us and Them

They look at him and see what they want to see. They easily create their boxes and put him inside, Contain the uncontainable in their own small world, Hem in … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Railway Girl

She stirs the coffee in front of her until the froth has dissipated and it looks nothing special. She watches the trains going in and out, in and out. Trains … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Weather Forecast

‘And now for the weather forecast. Tonight there’ll be storms and rain, gusts of high winds, and some thunder and lightning. We advise not going out unless you really have … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Tom the TV Gardener

Tom the TV Gardener addresses the audience with the following monologue, as if presenting his TV programme. He holds a packet of tiny seeds in his hand. ‘Hello again, Tom … Read on

Monday Rewrite: In The Closet

Steve used the closet first, as the most impetuous of the flatmates he was bound to really. He snuck into the spare room late one night and shoved his disappointment … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Two Men

One night two men met as they wandered through heaven. ‘I used to dream a lot,’ one said. ‘So did I,’ said the other. ‘And I went to Egypt once,’ … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Making Way

Doesn’t look very spiritual or seem very holy. There’s sweat and dust and grim, grunting and huffing. There are toes stubbed and fingers trapped. The older ones have to stop … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Street Party

Merchant. Where is it? Woman. Where’s what? Merchant. You know, the party. Woman. What party? Merchant. The street party. Woman. Well, there’s bit of a fuss going on over there, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Life!

Her head is spinning. The colours colliding in her brain. She gasps as she runs, keeps glancing back to see if she can still see him. Half an hour ago … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Fish and Fig Sarnies

‘Right, listen up,’ says Peter to the assembled bunch of perfect, 1st century, post-Day of Pentecost disciples, ‘you know this perfect 1st Century, post-Day of Pentecost church we go to? … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Naomi’s Things

‘A few things I did not see… Two figures as close as breathing in the dark of night. A whispered hopeful conversation on a threshing floor. Leftover food discarded at … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Here Again – A Confession

We are here again Lord, With our memories and recollections of last week. Our mistakes, problems, fears and regrets, Hopes, victories, achievements and meanderings. It’s who we are, Frail, vulnerable, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Invisible God

He stands and stares at the skyline. Nothing. Not even tumbleweed floating by. Just an inner nudge, an elbow digging into the ribs of his soul, urging him on. If … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Psalm 51 Revisited

A prayer based on Psalm 51:1-12 Dear Lord, Life ambushes us, It’s the nature of things. This broken world side-tracks and distracts us, It is full of traps, temptations and … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Fresh Bread

He stared at the rocks, long and hard, heard the growling rumble in his stomach. They were the precise shape and size, would perfectly satisfy his hunger. In an instant … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Lifted Up

Drawing on Numbers 21 vv 4-9, John 3 vv 14-21 Jesus looks at Nicodemus with compassion in his eyes, And his mind wanders back to that story he knows so … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Exuberant

And so the list begins. A way of life, a way of respect, A code of honour and health. Yet more – a description Of the God they serve, The … Read on