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Monday Rewrite

Monday Rewrite

Familiar Bible passages, seen with new creative eyes

Monday Rewrite: The 99

There was a man who once lost a sheep. Back then he did the daft and reckless thing of leaving the other 99 so he could do anything and everything … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Going Overboard

And lo, one day some parents did bring their little children to Jesus so he could bless them, but the disciples did chide them and tell them not to bother … Read on

Monday Rewrite: How?

How did you manage to eat anything that night? We so easily call it The Last Supper, a celebration. And yet you knew. All night you knew. What was coming. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: A Big Small Step

He thought it would be like standing on a cliff edge, looking down, his knees knocking out a frantic drumbeat and his face white with chalky horror at the thought … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Flesh

Two men were sitting have a drink at a bar. One looked over at the other, moved his seat closer and said, ‘Don’t tell anyone but I’m actually God in … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Waking Up

And so he came to himself. Having run out of options, leaked all his energy, exhausted his plan Bs. He came to himself. Saw his fears and his foibles and … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Found

The lamb looks up, confused, scratched and grubby. Understanding so little of what is going on here. One minute rushing headlong into a bright new future, the next lost, ditch-bound, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Creator Inc.

Ultimate entrepreneurs Creator Inc. have announced their new radical plan for the future. They say that, in accordance with ancient guidelines and timeless truths, they will be setting in progress … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Boss

The Boss eyes Stone carefully, narrows his piercing eyes and cocks his head to one side. He can almost hear the cogs grinding. What will it be? A death sentence? … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Temptation

Based on Luke’s version of this encounter, in Luke 4. Jesus (J) walks on and kneels down, resting back on his legs, centre stage. He is wearing dirty ragged clothes. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Discipled

We all get discipled. By experience, habits, peer pressure, hurts, triumphs , disasters, failures, advice, warnings, authority figures, the media, misunderstanding, gossip, rumours, fears, regrets, aspirations, goals, culture, ambition… The … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Confused

Peter’s confused. He scratches his head. The others don’t believe a word of it. How could it be true? And what’s the value of a woman’s tale anyway to them? … Read on

Rewrite: Hall of Mirrors

The hall of mirrors was just that, a hall lined with mirrors of all shapes and sizes. And in each one they saw themselves standing in a different world. Their … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Two Brides

There were two sisters, living in a small village somewhere on earth. One summer a couple of travellers turned up and they both fell in love with the sisters. A … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Jacob’s Ladder

It’s been up against the wrong wall all this time. He’s climbed it faithfully, sweated, worked, dreamt, plotted, schemed… only to find that his endeavours have led him up a … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Roofers

Are you in dire need? Is your life falling apart? Have you been affected by things out of your control? By folks climbing on your roof? Has your front room … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Pay Off

I pitched up for work as usual the other day, joined the lines of folks in the square, waiting, hoping for someone to hire me for the day. When I … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Inextinguishable

We left this planet. All of us. And I’m not talking about daydreams, or hallucinations, or alien intervention. And it’s not a euphemism. I mean they wiped us out. All … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Fault Line

Perhaps it was the tree’s fault, looking so bright and splendid and accessible. Perhaps it was the hyena’s fault, howling so early and waking them up. Or the birdsong that … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Not a Pretty Thing

John wanders up to Jesus. John: Oh by the way Jesus, nothing too important, just a bit of news, a small story really, hardly worth mentioning… Jesus: Yes? John: Just … Read on

Monday Prayer: Hearts

Heal our hearts, please, we pray, After all that life has thrown at us. The harmful graffiti scribbled on our being, The despair daubed across our minds, The clutter weighing … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Plea

‘Hi, can I… can I come in? Am I allowed? Only this is make or break… I just wanted to see you to ask if… well… do you realise who … Read on

Monday rewrite: Another World

There was another world, there had always been another world, another dimension; and he took them by the hand and led them into it, through the diminishing walls of this … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Lost

Jesus surveys the crowd, taking in every face, every precious life; the experiences, the fears, the doubts, the hidden things, the beauty, the worries, the hopes and aspirations. He’s been … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Christmas Cousins

Mary feels like a prodigal, upping sticks like this so suddenly, running away. But at the moment no one can tell. She’s not showing. So it’s easy to slip off. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Holy Haggling

It feels as if things are hotting up. He needs a break, and so heads for Tyre. Away from Israel for a while, out of the limelight. He keep his … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Wake Up Call

The man is ragged, doesn’t smell great. His clothes are strange and his face carries a mean glow. Sweat is everywhere. You wouldn’t want to meet him in a back … Read on

Monday Rewrite: When Matt Met Jimmy

James – I see he’s put his charges up again. John – Who? James – That taxman, the guy in the tool booth. Greedy loser. Come the revolution he’ll be … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Half As Good

If only she could find someone else, someone half as good. A man with half the compassion, half the humour, half the empathy and strength. Half the ability to fix … Read on

Monday Rewrite: I Have a Dream

I have a dream… that one day the heavens will open, and a staggering scene will appear. The Ancient of Days will make his entrance, alive with light and every … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Hannah’s Prayer

Based on 1 Samuel 2:1-10 – a revisiting of Hannah’s prayer. Hannah, her heart full of hope and laughter, smiles as she gazes on the face of her new born … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Lost Boy

He sits in the dirt, his head in his hands. The night closes in around him like a darkening storm, he glances up at the lights from the house, can … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Tears

He’ll go down in history for it. Doesn’t know it yet, as he cowers there like a wounded animal, his face drenched with phlegm and saltwater, his fists balled into … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Wonderful

She’s annoyed. Well of course she is. Can’t understand why he couldn’t see her point of view. Her sister always does this, off in a dreamland, being her usual airhead … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Strangers

She can’t believe it’s happening again. More strangers stepping out of the shadows. First it was her cousin, somehow knowing when she should not have done. Waddling a little under … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Giants

They’d been building for two weeks, and not getting that far, when Jack came home with the beans. Apparently all they needed to do was plant one and a stalk … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Afraid to Ask

Peter nudges his brother, and Andrew nudges John who nudges his brother. James frowns. He could be the one to ask, he knows that, he’s a blustering kind of person. … Read on

Saturday Extra: Future Deal

A little parable… He was sitting on a rusty oil drum tossing sharp stones into the canal when the stranger appeared. ‘Do I know you?’ he snarled gently. ‘Don’t think … Read on

Monday Rewrite: David and Michal

Two monologues delivered side by side. David stands on one side of the stage, Michal on the other. They address the audience, never looking at each other. This could be … Read on