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Monday Rewrite

Monday Rewrite

Familiar Bible passages, seen with new creative eyes

Monday Rewrite: Jonah’s Stop Off

The prophet Jonah wandered aimlessly through the streets of his old home town. Before long a crowd gathered around him. And the comments came thick and fast. – Hey Jonah! … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Who Knew?

Who knows what they saw? Those soldiers, hammers in hand, flecks of blood on their cheeks, still fresh, still warm. Who knows what made them stop and reassess. Just another … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Two Gods

A woman went walking in her dreams one night, and suddenly growing wings she was able to fly over the gulf between earth and heaven. She found herself landing on … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Feeding 5000

A group of actors readers present this piece – it may be read with scripts or acted out. Cast – Jesus, peter, Andrew, a teenager, and a couple of other … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Rocking the Boat

Luke 13 vv 10-17 Rewritten One day as Jesus was in church telling stories and listening to his friends he spotted a woman shuffling slowly in the background. He narrowed … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Different

He remembers the smell of the smoke. The acrid fires of the past. The land and life he left behind. The people who burned their crops and offered their children … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Taxman

He stares into space, replaying the last confrontation in his head and hating himself. ‘I want it now! You owe me now! I don’t care if you have to sleep … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Possibilities

Philip saw the crowds and said, ‘Send them home, it would be better that way.’ Andrew saw the same crowds and said, ‘I’ve met this lad with some lunch.’ Philip … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Diner

He rushes in, slips into a seat, his eyes fixed on the view beyond the window. Cars flash by, people still pace the street as if it’s just any old … Read on

Monday Rewrite: A Single Voice

Life leaves us thirsty, longing for more. And in the parched streets, And arid busyness a single voice cries out, ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, Whether rich … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Citizens

A woman and a man meet on a hill In the shadow of a cross. They might be friends or lovers or enemies, From the east, west, north or south. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Aftermath

I would have missed it, could have not noticed, if I’d kept my eyes closed and trodden very carefully. Or perhaps not gone into the town at all. But it … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Clean

I got dung on my hand. Bad dung. I almost gagged. It was the worst thing ever. The feel of it, the smell, the texture, the knowledge that even though I … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Running

Will he run? Again? He stares at the river, the river he just crossed with his family, the river he just crossed a second time to return to this spot … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Distractions

To print off a PDF copy of Distractions just click on this line of text. Jesus tries to tell James, John, Peter and Andrew a parable but they are distracted … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Freedom Fighters

They emerge from the wilderness, One after 40 years the other after 40 days. Both with freedom in their hands, Fire in their bellies, Hope in their hearts and minds. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Dreaming of You

(Inspired by a poem from Never Mind the Reversing Ducks by Adrian Plass) On the seventh day, that day of well-earned rest, Did you close your eyes and melt into … Read on

Monday Rewrite: 54

He is 54, and is starting to feel it. His body creaks a little now, like an old fishing vessel, rocking by the shore. He gets out of bed and … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Sacrifice

He stands in the temple court, can hear the cries of the lambs being slaughtered. Can smell the blood and hear the flapping of the wings of pigeons. Money rattles, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Disciple

Life recently took a whole new turn for the better. I’d been drifting, stagnating, doing things I shouldn’t. Milling around in dark corners. Then I heard about him. He’s transforming … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Limping Home

A phone call: Ah good morning, is that the estate agents? Yes, it’s Dan Mitchell here. Yes, I’m looking to sell some of my land and want to get an … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Humble God

They shuffle out of the darkness, she is a little older than him, but their eyes are equally wide. They look around, expecting the bustling place to have come to … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Three Days

It was a three day walk from his home in Galilee to the Jordan, but he was grateful for the time it gave to reflect and breathe. Walking did that … Read on

Monday Rewrite: The Meeting

A man took a walk in a public garden when a figure stepped from the shadows. ‘We have an appointment,’ Death said to the man. ‘So we do,’ said the … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Manger Town

News presenter: ‘We go over live now to Colin Cribbage at the sight of the discovery.’ Reporter: ‘Thank you Kirsty, yes I’m here at what might well be the discovery … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Interactive Nativity

An Interactive version of the Nativity, including carols to be sung between the verses. Could be done in a service or assembly, or outside, or in a real life barn. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Becoming Flesh (3)

Final part of this 3 part reflection. For part 2 click here. Swaying, so much swaying, he feels a bit strange. A little queasy. The movement goes on, and it’s … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Becoming Flesh (1)

A rhythm. He can hear a rhythm. One beat after another. Ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum. A heartbeat just a little slower than his own. Comforting, reassuring, reliable, as he makes this voyage, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Polling Time

Joe. Mary! The census cards have come. Mary. What census cards? Joe. The ones for the voting. We have to go to Bethlehem to register our existence. Mary. Won’t make any difference. … Read on

Monday Rewrite: My Love

A reading about the nature of the love of God. Music composed and performed by Simeon Wood, narrative read by Glen Kefford, written by Dave Hopwood. My Lord, who are … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Two Spooky Stories

A hand pushes up through the earth, the flesh rotten, the nails broken and black. For a moment the dead thing stays there, sticking up, like a discarded piece of bony … Read on

Monday Rewrite: On The Level

(Zacchaeus make a phone call) Ah good morning, I’m inquiring about the insurance policies you offer. Yes that’s right. For climbing a tree. Yes, I know it’s a daft idea, … Read on

Monday Rewrite: Unless

Unless you become like a teenager It is quite difficult to enter the kingdom of heaven. Without possessing dreams, Without going against the grain, Without a taste for rebellion against the … Read on