Millions – Money Makes The World Go Around

Theme: Money

Bible refs: Matthew 6 vv 19-24

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Location of clip: 14 mins 46 secs to 18 mins
Film Description:

Damian and his brother Anthony have recently lost their mum. They miss her terribly. The countdown is on to E day – the day when the pound will go and the Euro will come in as the common currency. Then one day, while Damian is sitting inside the cardboard grotto he built by the nearby railway line, a bag of money comes flying out of nowhere and lands in his playhouse.
Clip description:

The boys take the money home and count it in Damian’s bedroom. They discover they have a quarter of a million pounds. They bring their friends round one by one and show them a little of it, explaining that they have a few hundred pounds, and giving them a little to keep them quiet. But what will they do with the money now? Spend it, or give it to the poor?

Damian wants to give the money to poor people, his brother has other ideas. Money is a powerful thing, and like anything powerful, it can be used for great good or great evil.

Jesus spent a lot of time talking about money, not because he wanted us all to be poor, but because it’s so powerful that it takes a certain of wisdom to handle it. In an ideal world money would serve people, but often it’s the other way round. Money becomes the dominant force, and many people spend their entire lives worrying about, earning and saving money. Jesus was unequivocal when he says, “Where your money is – that’s where your heart is.”

Money gives us away, it tells everyone what we love. It has a big mouth.

The problem is – we all need it, and at different points in our lives we all want it a lot more of it. Whether it’s to buy bigger things, or to do new things. And, if money is around to be used, then there’s very little wrong with that. The problem with money is it’s difficult to handle.

I remember being asked once, “How much money would you give away if you won the lottery?”

To which I said, “More money than if I actually really did win the lottery.”
We all dream of having just enough  but once you have just enough, it’s easy to worry about losing it, or maintaining it.
Jesus told a telling story about the man who we now know as “the rich fool” – his crime was not being rich – it was hoarding his money. It seems the best antidote to a lot of money is generosity. What do you think?


1.         It’s often been said that the church is always asking for money. Do you agree?

2.         You may be struggling for money at the moment, is this something you can talk about with others?
3.         What clues does your money give you about where your heart lies?
4.         Do you think we view money too negatively?
5.               Did the clip make you think about anything else?

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