Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets – A New World Of Wonder

Theme: The hope that God offers

Bible refs: 1 Corinthians 2 v 9

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Location of clip: 7 mins 45 secs to 12 mins 50


Film Description:

This is Harry’s second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He returns to school having escaped his cousins and spent the summer at the Weasleys. Adventure begins when he and Ron miss the train back to school and have to zoom there in the Weasleys’ flying car. The story focuses on the mysterious Chamber of Secrets, which has been opened for the first time in fifty years. Only an heir of Slytherin – the school founder – can open the chamber, and Harry finds himself at the top of the list of suspects. Harry and his friends decide to investigate the mystery.

Clip description:

Harry has been imprisoned by his Uncle Vernon. He is not allowed to go back to Hogwarts school or see any of his friend’s again. So his best friend Ron Weasley arrives in a flying car to rescue him. After a daring escape Harry flies to the Weasleys and stays with them until term starts. Their house is a remarkable place. The Weasleys are not rich by anyone standards, but their house is full of magical things, and Harry spends an enchanted summer there, enjoying their friendship and learning a lot.


The Weasleys are very different to the Dursleys.  Their house is another world altogether, in fact whenever Harry steps out of the world of muggles (humans) he steps into a whole new world of wonder, where cars fly and Quidditch is the only sport that matters.

The Weasley household is a place so different to his own. For a start it’s not a semi-detached house like everyone else’s, it’s like no home he’s ever seen. Magical things happen all the time. But more than that, the Dursleys are a loving family with a different way of living, there is good food, security and caring, kind good-humoured  parents. There’s discipline too but it is not cruel or vindictive.

This is beyond anything he could have imagined. And it’s just the kind of thing that Jesus tried to describe to people. No wonder Jesus struggled to find words to describe the kingdom he had seen. It was just beyond imagining. He resorted to the media of his day – parables and allegory. He became a master storyteller – and he wove together images and characters that helped people imagine a way of life that was so different to theirs.

If he were around today he might well use movies and television to help people see a little more of this new world. Our vision of life is very small really – and Jesus longed to open peoples’ eyes to the bigger picture.


1.         What helps you imagine a bigger world out there?

2.         Some people imagine heaven to be a place of endless singing and worship. I imagine it to be a richer, healthier more vibrant version of this life. What do you think?

3.         How can we bring this vision of new life to other people?

4.         Jesus told stories, used visual aids, picked up children, performed miracles, told jokes and ate food with all kids of people – all this was a part of his demonstration of the kingdom. How might we adjust church so that it draws on some of these things?

5.                  Did the clip make you think about anything else?

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