Film Friday: Argo

Last year’s award winning movie tells the story of 6 American hostages, trapped in revolutionary Iran in the 1980s, who are rescued by means of an outrageous plot. CIA agent Tony Mendez enters the country posing as a film producer scouting locations for his new sci-fi film Argo. When he attempts to leave the country a few days later he has six other members of his ‘film crew’ with him. Will they manage to escape?

Although parts of the story are dramatised for effect the extraordinary thing about Argo is that it’s true. This really was the escape plan. The Bible is full of daring escapes too, and none less extraordinary and nerve-tingling. Edge of the seat stuff like the Israelites fleeing a murderous Pharaoh after a night of death and a lifetime of slavery. Mary and Joseph having to up sticks in the night and run for their lives back to Egypt to escape another murderous tyrant, in the dark side of Christmas. Probably using the gold the wise men brought to fund their escape.

And when David is faced with certain death, whilst hiding with the enemy Philistines, he has to act out his own little scenario. Not taking the guise of a film producer, but instead pretending to be mad – drooling on his beard and scraping his nails on doors so that no one will take him seriously as the heroic giant-killer on the run. (See 1 Samuel 21 vv 10-15)

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