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When chef Carl Casper packs in his job at a top restaurant he finds himself adrift and broke. Then his wife’s past boyfriend gives him a hand out – an old beat up taco truck. And Carl rediscovers what he loves about cooking and food – the way it connects him with others. He throws his heart and soul into what he does best and passes on his passion to his son.

When Carl’s son wants to serve a slightly burnt sandwich Carl is dismayed. He wants to do the best he can, not serve substandard. When Jesus was asked about the most important aspect of serving God he said, in effect, ‘Don’t be substandard, love God with everything you’ve got – heart, soul, strength – throw it all in.’ That was an old, old saying, from the writings of Moses. (Deuteronomy 6 vv 4-5) That’s an ongoing tough challenge. I find it so easy to hold back, do it all the time.

Food enabled Jesus to touch people’s lives too, and he loved that. Whether feeding thousands, sitting down at wild parties with sinners, or having a one to one with you and I (Revelation 3 v 21), food was a vital way of connecting God with people. Having given away free bread, fish and wine, he then asked us to keep on sharing bread and wine and told us to remember him whenever we did it.

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