Film Friday: The Lego Movie

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Joe Brickowski is an ordinary construction worker with no particular super-skills. (Actually he’s not totally ordinary – he’s made of Lego – the clue’s in the title!) Joe is at work minding his own business when he bumps into Wyldstyle and the two embark on a madcap adventure, attempting to thwart the evil plans of Lord Business, who wants to bring everything to a gluey standstill.

Time and again in the Bible the stories are told of people like Joe. Ordinary folks with no particular super-skills who are called upon to change the world for the better. Ruth, Mary, Gideon, Simeon, Dorcas, a little boy with a fistful of bread and fish. Folks who, like Joe, would never have imagined they would be up to the job. If you’ve ever felt insignificant it’s heartening to know that history is littered with unknowns who have made a difference. The hard thing is to actually keep on doing the insignificant things, though they may not seem world shattering.

YouTube video

The Lego Movie is a film jampacked with humour, action, danger and tension, with an unexpected end. So too the life of Jesus. Jesus was himself a construction worker from an ordinary background. We may not think of his story as being packed with jokes, but Jesus used humour powerfully and the people of his day got the jokes and received his message. Jesus’s life was not action-packed every day, for thirty years he lived an ordinary life, but the last three years certainly included times of adventure and danger and trouble, with an end that no one saw coming. Who knew this rabbi from Nazareth would die like a criminal and then kick down the doors of death? As The Lego Movie poster says:The story of a nobody who saved everybody.

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