Film Friday: The Grand Seduction

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The small coastal village of Tickle Head needs to find a doctor in order to attract a petroleum factory and create jobs for the community. When they come across doctor Paul they collude in a grand scheme to trick him into falling in love with the place. The men in the village love ice hockey, but when they discover the good doctor loves cricket they stage a match on the wildest, most uneven patch of coastland in Christendom. Even though they know nothing about how to play!

The illusion continues, led by Murray who, when discovering Nick has no father, does his best to play dad to him. He also tells Paul that the gorgeous Kathleen is madly in love with him, even though she quite clearly is not. But as the story continues it becomes apparent that Paul needs good old-fashioned truth, not a well-intended pack of lies, and the community need to face up to reality, not continue with their grand seduction.

Jesus once said the truth would set us free. He even went so far as describing himself as ‘the truth’. Reality is not easy to face, we all live with a certain amount of illusion in our lives. But Jesus can help us face up to ourselves, to the worlds we create, and to the reality of life as it is. Not easy. But often liberating and worth it.

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