Film Friday: The Hundred-Foot Journey

Fleeing tragic violence in their home country of India, the Kadam family arrive in rural France and decide to open a restaurant – right opposite Madame Mallory’s high class, haute cuisine establishment.

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Rivalry ensues and along the way young gifted chef Hassan falls for Marguerite, a sous-chef at Madame Mallory’s.

Food is memories Hassan says, and Marguerite agrees. And so, I think, does Jesus. He fed thousands on a hillside, produced gallons of wine at a wedding, and cooked fish for his friends on a resurrection beach. Memories that remained all their lives.

When he left to return to his father Jesus didn’t leave us a uniform, or a bumper sticker, or a daily itinerary for remembering him. He left us two most basic and celebrated things – food and drink. Bread and wine. It seems to me that he was saying something like this, ‘You need drink, you need food, and you need me. So bring those three things together. When you eat and drink, when you share food, remember that you need me. Remember who I am and what I have done for you. Let food remind you of that.’

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