Film Friday: Gone Girl

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When Nick Dunne comes home and finds his wife gone and the coffee table smashed he suspects foul play. So do the press, and they hound him with allegations of wrongdoing and murder. So… what has become of his wife Amy? Abduction, kidnap, murder? To say any more will give too much away. So instead I’ll jump to a scene involving the Biblical Hosea.

When Hosea comes home and finds his wife missing it’s less of a mystery, he knows where to go looking. His gone girl is spending time with one of her lovers, and he must go and track her down. This he does, and when he finds her he pays a ransom and drags her home. As he shuts the door he gives her a message from God. ‘You and I will have no sex for a good while. It’ll be sign to the people that they’ve lost the plot with their God.’ As far as God is concerned his people have gone missing.

It’s a strange message but the whole scene plays out as a parable. God loves people, and we often go astray and give our love and devotion, our energy and passion to other things. I do it all the time and need regular wake up calls. Centuries later a man from Nazareth would come looking for the lost ones he loved, and he would end up going much further than Nick Dunne or Hosea to find them.

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