Film Friday: The Boxtrolls

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Eggs has been with the Boxtrolls since he was a baby, and believes himself to be one of them. He lives underground and hides with the rest of the Boxtrolls. But local girl Winnie thinks otherwise, she can see he is a boy, and as such persuades him to throw off his old cardboard box so that she can then dress him in a whole new outfit.

YouTube video

There is a scene in Zechariah chapter 3 when the High Priest Jeshua finds himself in filthy clothes accused of many things. An angel then provides a whole new set of clean clothes and the accusations levelled at Jeshua all come to nothing. Clothes appear in the New Testament too, the bride at the wedding in Revelation 19 verse 7 is wearing an outfit of the finest linen, and Paul writes to the Colossians (in chapter 3 v 10) about putting on a whole new nature, as if they were putting on a fresh outfit.

Like Eggs we can forget who we are, our surroundings can offer us a few false notions. The writers of the Bible are clear that our identity is found in knowing God, and that we can ‘clothe’ ourselves with the things of the kingdom. I frequently forget and need reminding of that. When Paul looks at a Roman soldier he sees the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation and the shoes of peace. The world around may confuse and mislead us sometimes regarding our true identity, but the ancient tale of Jeshua and the angel’s clothes is there to remind us. Because of Jesus we can start again, we can be re-clothed and forgiven; and we can rediscover who we really are. Again and again and again.

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