Film Friday: Paddington

The hapless bear comes from Peru to London looking for a home. His uncle and aunt once met an explorer who assured them there would always be a warm welcome for them in the big city. However, Paddington soon discovers that the city is a place of very busy people with very little time for a lost bear. Fortunately the Brown’s disembark from a train late that night and Mrs B can’t help but take notice of him. This despite MrB’s clear instructions to not make eye contact with this small stranger as they pass by.

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The Browns take Paddington home for a night (just the one, though) and offer him use of their facilities. Paddington has never taken a bathroom break before and chaos ensues.

Paddington is well meaning but clumsy (extremely) innocent but haphazard (an understatement). I relate to that. I do my best to get through life but often find myself in situations where I’m just not quite sure what to do next. Like Paddington I bumble through, hoping for the best. Thankfully I haven’t yet filled anyone’s bathroom with water or sailed down their stairs in the tub.

The disciples look a little like Paddington around Jesus at times. Saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, arguing about the wrong thing. They go crashing on, believing themselves to be heading in the right direction. Peter, the chief disciple, is famous for his blundering and blustering, sinking when he tried to walk on water, cutting off ears at a highly inappropriate moment and suggesting they do some camping up a mountain when Jesus needs to go back to work.

The good news is that Jesus is well used to working with the Paddingtons of this world. We may make our mistakes, blundering and blustering our way backwards, forwards and sideways, but Jesus is never phased by that. He’s s seen it all, and is there each morning, inviting us to follow him into this new day.

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