Film Friday: Non-Stop

Bill Marks is an air marshal on a transatlantic flight. Not long after take off he receives a text telling him that, unless a ransom of $150 million is paid one passenger will die every 20 minutes. Bill must do everything he can to save the plane and find out the identity of the perpetrator.

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The Bible features plenty of action men and women having to survive in deadly situations. And like Bill here they were flawed, often fragile people. David lived as an outlaw for years, hunted by the destructive king Saul. Time and again he found himself up against a wall. When Moses led his people from the enslaving Egyptians he had to find a way across the Red Sea before they were all recaptured (he had a certain history as an action man, killing an Egyptian for beating an Israelite). Joseph had to escape quickly from Bethlehem, to get his wife and new son away from the murderous king Herod. And when her people were targeted with a death threat Esther had to find a way to turn the tables on her enemy Haman.

All these folks drew on their wits, courage, imagination and resources. But they also prayed too. Time and again folks in the Bible cried out for help, well aware that they couldn’t win through on their own.

In the south of France, early in world war two, Donald Caskie helped more than 600 stranded British soldiers escape to Spain. He wasn’t so much a spy or action man, but a dedicated, courageous priest who constantly relied on God for help and guidance. He would often fall on his knees, praying, ‘Dear God, you think this out for me, I’m beaten.’ He worked in conjunction with British Military Intelligence and after the war became known for his work as the ‘Tartan Pimpernel’. But for Donald, like those Biblical heroes, it was all about an outworking of his faith and a dependence on God, receiving guidance, insights and help as he worked and prayed.

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