The Monday Rewrite: The Garage and the Mayor

There was a town with a very generous mayor. He bought new cars for everyone and for a while everyone was fine. But then the cars began to breakdown, so the mayor appointed a family to open a garage to fix the cars. He provided the capital for them to buy the property  and start the business.  But the workers in the garage spent most of their rime working on their own cars and ignoring the rest of the town. One or two of the mechanics cared about the other cars and tried to encourage the other mechanics to help the whole town, but all to no avail. Eventually the garage ran out of money and went bust.

So the mayor sent his son along, who was a gifted mechanic, and he travelled around the town and began fixing the broken cars. He did this for three years, but the family at the garage grew resentful, especially when he challenged them about their failure to do their job. So one night they ambushed him, took him away and murdered him.

The town was broken-hearted, because they had lost a friend, a gifted mechanic who cared about putting their cars right. But it wasn’t over. One Sunday morning stories began to ripple through the town. Some of the locals were claiming to have seen the mechanic again, alive and well. The family at the garage tried to silence the rumours but the more they tried the more the stories spread. More and more people claimed to have seen the mechanic, and after a while they wrote their stories down. The stories were passed on from generation to generation and these inspired the people to fix cars in the way that the mechanic had done.  They often came up against opposition, but showed incredible courage and tenacity in the face of trouble. Word spread and the work went on until a billion lives had been affected.

(Loosely based on Matthew 21 vv 33-43)

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