The Monday Rewrite: The Commission

[Also appropriate for Ascension Day]

Hill – Pant and huff    Walk/Walked – Make walking steps, or the sound of steps

Gift – “It’s for you!”   Leave – Wave, say “Bye!”

Answer to any question – “No!”   Up – Look up sharply

Our story starts quite a few days after Jesus had risen from the dead. He called all his disciples together and took them for a walk. They started going up a hill together. While they walked Jesus told them that God had a very special gift for them, to help them live their lives. But first he had to leave them. They wondered where he might go. On holiday? No. On a ship? No. On a journey? No.

So as they walked to the top of this hill Jesus told them about the gift. He was going to leave so that they could have this gift. The disciples wondered what it might be. Was it some food? Or a game? Or a car? Jesus said the gift was the Holy Spirit. He told the disciples to go all over the world telling people about God, praying for them and doing miracles.

Well, they were all tired now from the walk and the disciples didn’t feel like doing any miracles right at that moment. They wanted to sit down on the hill. At the top of the hill Jesus told them they had to wait for the gift in Jerusalem, and then he said goodbye to them all. The disciples were very sad because they didn’t want Jesus to leave. But he stood on the hill and suddenly began to go up in the air. Was he flying? He was being lifted up to heaven by God.

The disciples were amazed and stayed on the hill a long time, looking up, and thinking about Jesus leaving. Then two men in white appeared and said, “Why are still standing here looking up? You’ve seen Jesus leave – but he will be back one day.” So the disciples turned away and walked back down the hill, back home to wait for the gift that Jesus had promised. The gift of the Holy Spirit.

Taken from Telling Tales by D. Hopwood

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