Film Friday: Jurassic World

Jurassic World is now fully up and functioning, an extraordinary dinosaur theme park for all the family. However numbers have been dropping and to maintain interest a new breed of monster is produced. A more intelligent hybrid. Indominus Rex. Oh, oh, hang on to your seats.

YouTube video

YouTube video

The technical guys in Jurassic World have over-reached themselves. They have created creatures they cannot control. Chaos ensues and much scenery gets chewed. Not to mention arms, legs and torsos.

In Job chapter 41 we are introduced to the mighty Leviathan, described as having an enormous frame and jaws that no one can prize apart. In the previous chapter we read about Behemoth, whose bones are tubes of bronze. These are powerful monsters and conjur up images of creatures as powerful as Velocer Raptors and Idominus Rex. In reality it’s thought that Behemoth may well be the hippoptomus and Leviathan the crocodile, but these were seen by Job as being creatures of power and destruction. Creatures beyond his control. And God holds them up as great examples of his power and mystery.

For a long time I saw God’s creation through the lens of rainbows and sunsets, flowers and stunning views. But here we have images beyond our control, reminding us that God is beyond our full comprehension, greater, more mysterious than we can ever know and we do well to avoid attempting to box him. When Job encounters the God of Behemoth and Leviathan he responds by dropping on his knees in worship. He doesn’t find all the answers but instead gets an encounter. (He hears a voice in a whirlwind) And for him, that changes everything.

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