Monday Rewrite: Voting

(A couple of angels are chatting in heaven.)

Why’s it so quiet round here? Where’s all the usual music and laughter and creative spark?

It’ll be time to vote soon.

Oh right, and I suppose he’s worried about which way to vote. Needs some time to consider.

Oh no. he decided long ago.

Rrrrright… so why the sombre atmosphere?

It’s a tough decision.

But you said he’s already made it.

Yes. But that makes it no easier.

Well, let’s hope it makes a difference.

Oh it’ll make a difference all right.

Really? Because there are many times voting seems to do very little good.

Well not this time. This will make a difference trust me.

Okay. When does he vote? Is it soon?


And where’s the polling station?

That hill down there.



That’s not very private. Puts a cross in a box does he?

No. He puts it on that hill over there.

Won’t it blow away?

It’s made of wood.

Still. It’s not very private though is it?

That’s the point. He wants everyone to know who he’s voting for, so he’s putting a cross right up there on a hill. For everyone to see.

And who’s he voting for?

The whole works. People. The planet. The universe. The entire creation gets a Yes.

Wow! That’s a big vote.

And a painful one. It’ll cost him everything.

And er… will things cheer up round here then?

Not right then. Three days after. There’ll be a party then.

I look forward to that.

Everyone’s looking forward to that.

(They leave)

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