Monday Rewrite: The Quiet

For a while he is with his father again and he is free. The years of oppression and restriction fall away. They are in the mountains together, creating wild goats and waterfalls. Running, splashing, constructing, laughing, seeing the world come alive as they talk and sing and create. He is in his element. They leave a trail of rugged landscapes and fierce creatures in their wake. along with tiny flowers and delicate insects. In the breaking dawn he prays and talks and loses himself in the wonder of it all once again. The world being born. Then a voice breaks in, and another.

People want you, they need you. they’ve come back looking for you again, he is told. It’s his friends, concern written all over their faces, they are on an earnest quest to bring him back to reality. He listens, thinks, sighs, and lifts his face to the heavens. He nods.
‘Let’s move on,’ he says.
‘But the people, they’re asking for you…’
‘I know. But there are others we need to see. Other places to visit. We can’t say yes to everyone. We need to keep moving. Let’s go.’
He stands and brushes the dirt from his knees. His friends scratch their heads then gather their stuff, more than they needed to bring, and they move on. The creating must continue. Bringing glimpses of resurrection to the lives of the struggling…

Mark 1 vv 35-39

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