Film Friday Classic: Dead Poets Society

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Another moment from a classic movie. ‘The powerful play goes on… what will your verse be?’ Mr Keating asks the boys in his poetry class. He longs to inspire the boys to live differently, not simply be swept along by every day life. But this is hard, events overtake us, life ambushes us, and we don’t often feel we are engaging with life in a meaningful way, or making much of a vital contribution.

Jesus encouraged folks to live differently too. To engage with the full life he offered, but again, this can be a challenge. We may not always feel we are living that full life. A few folks contribute their verses to the powerful play and make the headlines, still others make history. Most of us do other things. We contribute our small verses, and wonder at times if it’s worth it.

Yet, according to Jesus, these matter very much indeed. He described how important it was to reach out to others in small ways. To offer a cup of water, to visit those in need, to let our light shine in small ways so that these small but significant acts would point towards his father in heaven. Not doing good things to somehow earn anything from God, but instead to be like little mirrors, reflecting the goodness of God to the world around. Jesus promised us that his heavenly father saw the small secret things we do. Those every day contributions that won’t win awards or make the news. God sees these and heaven applauds.

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