Film Friday: Inside Out

Five emotions live in Riley’s mind, also known as her Headquarters. They govern her responses to the world as she grows up – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anxiety and Anger. We meet these characters and Joy, who tends to be in control, explains the way they make memories for Riley, which in turn feed the five core aspects of Riley’s personality – Family, Friends, Honesty, Hockey and Goofball (having fun).

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This film led my daughter and I to the inevitable conversation about the aspects of our own personalities. I must admit that Hockey does not feature for me. Family and Friends are there of course, though I am a bit of a loner, so Friends may not be so dominant for me as for Riley. Films and Pop Music would definitely be there, and Books too. Table Tennis might have featured once, but no longer I’m afraid. Chocolate. Now that would be there. No doubt. It’s one of my five a day.

The one thing I noticed absent from Riley’s line up was any sense of faith, trust, God or religion. Something that would certainly feature for me. Not because I’m particularly holy in any way, but because God, (and the Bible), are prominent parts of my life. And always have been. My faith goes up and down, and at times might be in danger of seriously crumbling. A decade or so back I came to question so much of the established side of Christianity. It felt like being in spiritual freefall and was a very tricky time. But through that difficult time I came to a new understanding of life and faith and God.
Zipping back to Riley and the aspects of her personality, sometimes when I speak I ask folks what ‘non-spiritual’, ordinary aspects of their lives they might offer to God for him to use. For me that’s things like pop music, films, and even chocolate! How about you?

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