The Monday Rewrite: Plan A

A group of 5 angels wander in and look a little bored. Then Michael, the chief angel, walks on with a clipboard and addresses them. Michael’s words are in bold.

Right you lot – pay attention.
(They look at him)
Now – I’ve assembled you here today as we have a problem on earth. We need to enlist some help to change the world. Now we have come up with a rather risky plan – anyone guess what it might be?
(They all scratch their heads and looked confused)
Come on – you must have some ideas.

Angel 1          How about we get some superheroes.
Angel 2          Yes – like Spiderman, Superman and Batman.
Angel 3          Yes and Batgirl, Superwoman and Lara Croft.
Angel 4          Yes and Scooby Doo and Hong Kong Phooey and Dangermouse.
Angel 5          And don’t forget Sproutman, Supersmelly Skunkwoman and Rhubarb girl.

You’re making them up now.
Angel 5          Am not! There’s also the Cow Dung Kid, Bicycle Repairman and Chubby Bunny. They’ll save the world.
No they won’t.
Angels           Oh yes they will!
Oh no they won’t.
Angels           Oh yes they will!
Oh no they won’t.
Angels           Oh yes they will!
No they won’t. And be quiet. I’m in charge.
Angels           Oh no you’re not.
Oh yes I am! Now be quiet and listen! The superheroes can’t do it, they’re either far too busy or you’re just making them up! We need real people to make a difference.

Angels           What? Like…  ordinary people?
Absolutely. Ordinary people.
Angels           Ugh!!!
Angel 1          That’ll never work.
Yes it will. We’ll get lots of people together and give them God’s power.
Angels           Oooh! (worried)
Angel 2          That sounds dangerous.
Angel 3          Some of them’ll misuse it.
Angel 4          Some of them won’t understand it.
Angel 5          Some of them will make lots of mistakes.

No. They’ll all make lots of mistakes. But it’s been decided. They’ll get special power to help the poor, the hurting, the prisoners, the sick, the lonely… and to generally light up the world.

Angel 1          (unimpressed) Rrrrrrrright… And what’s plan B?
No plan B. That’s all there is.
Angel 2          That’s a crazy idea – who thought of that?
Angel 2          Oh! Right! Brilliant idea! Couldn’t have done better myself.

Glad you think so. Cause it’s already been implemented. Come on, let’s see how it’s going…

(All wander off)

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