Film Friday Classic: Back to the Future Part 2

When Marty McFly and Doc Brown fly into the future in a DeLorean, they land in 2015, a time when cars can fly, skateboards can hover, and Jaws 19 is playing in cinemas.

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When this film was released in 1989 the makers had an imaginative view of the future. But all too soon 2015 has come around and things have not quite developed as predicted. One vital aspect of life in 2015 is missing from the movie. The internet. In 1989 the film makers were not able to envisage a time when you would be reading this via something called the World Wide Web. Something that now affects most of our living. There is no sign of it in the wondrous and futuristic BTF Part 2.

Time travel is still not a part of our lives either. Though many of us attempt to relive the past or jump into the future to avoid the present. I seem to spend far too much of my time thinking about what is coming up next, rather than living in the now. In the film 45 Years an aging married couple find their present life dominated by an incident which happened half a century back. I think one of the great gifts of heaven will be this – there will be no time. Nothing to look back and worry about or regret, nothing to look forward to and wish we were doing. There will just be the now. No need for time travel. No need for clocks, or dials or calendars. Just the present moment, and the ability to appreciate it. No regrets about the past or fears for the future. No sadness, pain, loss or tears, to quote Revelation 21 vv 3&4. A time when God will live with his people. In the meantime, in the here and now, we catch glimpses of this hope, in the lives of others and the moments of laughter, compassion, grace and goodness.

Oh, and if you were wondering about Jaws 19, here’s the trailer.

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