Freddy Function Bucks the Trend

Freddy Function refused to tow the line. At school he was always in trouble for turning up late, working too slowly, asking the wrong questions and making unexpected comments.
At church he sat down when others stood up, stood up when others sat down, sang the hymns at the wrong speed and often interrupted the well prepared sermons.
He was never cool, always behind the times and not much interested in the latest trends. But he was often there in a crisis, or hanging around when someone needed a smile. His words were not the most eloquent but they spurred others on to a more hopeful day and a kind of small greatness.
He didn’t much bother about Keep off the grass signs if there was a good reason to get from a to b. And there often was. He spoke too loudly in the library and laughed at jokes no one else got. But he was always there to volunteer when the crowd dispersed. His hands were rarely clean but that was because he was not afraid to get them dirty. He’d heard about the Health and Safety Regulations, but then he’d heard about 50 Shades of Grey too, and hadn’t taken much notice of that either.
He was bound to get into trouble, and frequently upset people, but the number of those he encouraged was greater.
Eventually, when those with more power than Freddie got fed up of his holy shenanigans, they arrested him on a trumped up charge, engineered a smear campaign, stirred up dissent and disposed of him.
Not surprising really, he wasn’t the first to be crucified for this sort of thing.

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