Monday Rewrite: Imagine…

…If the gates of heaven were locked
If truth were cloudy and distorted
And the world had leaked all purpose and hope.
Imagine if the way to Life was not wide or narrow
But impossibly blocked with fallen debris
A permanent Road Closed sign sealing the way.
Imagine if the author of life had run out of ink
If the divine imagination had stopped creating
And we lived and moved and existed in a void.
Imagine if all humour were cynical and hollow
If the source of compassion dried up
And all good nature were turning steadily sour.
Imagine if we were cut adrift
If we were all stranded on a dying desert island
And there was no one greater than frail humans.
Imagine if an angel had rescued the son of man in the Garden of Gethsemane
If the cup of suffering had been left for another day
And a lowly carpenter had not died on that cross.
Imagine if the work of redemption had remained unfinished
If Calvary had only held two crosses, not three.
Imagine if the dying thief had called out ‘Remember me…’
And there had been no response.
Now imagine something else.

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