Lyrical Riff Extra: OMG

Oh my God, so many say, in times of crisis, pain or shock
The words falling easily without much thought or taking stock
Oh my God, on social media, trending through the day
While billions round the world make a sacrifice to pray
Oh my God your name goes viral by the minute, by the hour
Not so much a prayer, but snack food with little power
Oh my God, the cry may slip from a million lips tonight
And for some who talk or text it won’t be crass or trite
Oh my God holds a meaning, etched on a cross of blood
Where sweat and death and tears have changed the world for good.

Oh my God do you flinch, or shed a tortured tear,
For every O, every M and every G that you hear?
Do you ever get hardened to the never-ending hail?
Or does each one pierce your being like another Roman nail?
Oh my God the psalmist cries, his anguish bursting from his core
He means his OMG like he never did before
He has a God who can handle the true meaning of the words –
The cry of joy, the wail of pain and the terror of the years
OMG we may cry and for some it’s merely punctuation
But to others it’s a treasured song, a prayer of adulation.

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