Lyrical Riff Extra: The Light

You spoke, Lord, and light penetrated the darkness.
A good light. A strong light. A perfect light.
But we went astray, stumbling into darkness rather than light,
So you sent your prophets, to call us back to you.

But we were stubborn and afraid,
So you sent your son, to be the light of the world.
The light shining in the darkness,
And the darkness never overcoming it.

You called us and brought light into our lives.
You asked us to be your light in the continuing darkness.
At times we’re like a small flickering candle
At times a bright strong beam of light…

In our words and our actions,
In our attitudes and relationships,
With our hands, our faces,
Our feet and our smiles.

You, Lord, are our light and our salvation,
You are our light and our truth,
You are our light and our protector,
You are our light and our fountain of life.

You are faithful when we forget,
Reliable when we are not,
Trustworthy when we let you down,
Steadfast in the storms and the night.

Your light continues to shine,
In the dark places of our lives,
In the dark places of our world,
And though things may not be easy, the darkness cannot prevail.

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