Monday Rewrite: A Child is Born

A reading or sketch for Advent or Christmas

Words by Chris Whitfield
Mime by Dave Hopwood

Begin with group standing in twisted positons, eyes shut.
We were walking in darkness, not knowing which way to turn.
Group look up, eyes shut
We were confused and afraid, not knowing who to trust.
They step forward and reach toward each other and the audience then pull back in fear
The hardhearted surrounded us on all sides and we shrunk into the inky shadows to hide.
They pull away, shrink away and protect themselves with their hands in front of their faces

But now we have seen a light, a warm and strong light
One of group looks up, opens their eyes, and steps forward to pick up a candle
To lead us out from night into the new day.
Person holds up candle and looks into near distance
Casting off the cloak of fear we have found new hope, for now we see the way to go.
Person wipes imaginary cobwebs from in front of face and points up ahead

For a child is born to us. A son is given to us.
The person puts down candle and holds baby
The Spirit of God will give Him wisdom and power to save us from our darkness.
The others look up eyes shut, then open them as they wipe away cobwebs
He will judge us with mercy and forgive us our wrongdoing. He will give us new strength to follow Him.
Child is show to group who gather round
He will lead us into His kingdom of goodness and justice, and will honour us with His friendship and love.
Some of group shake hands, others embrace and welcome
He will announce good news for the poor; and bind up the brokenhearted.
Some freeze shouting, others hold hands out in front as if they are bound together
He will set free those in dark prisons, and give hope to the lost.
Others pull ropes off those bound and embrace them, or put a hand on shoulder

And we shall call Him ‘Wonderful’, ‘Counsellor’, ‘Mighty God’, ‘Eternal Father’, ‘Prince of Peace’.
One at a time group step forward on each word looking up
He will carry our troubles, our sorrows, our fears and our wrongdoing
Two make a cross, standing back to back, arms pressed together and outstretched. As they move together to form this, one of the group steps between them and places their back against the cross, and dies on it
All the nations shall acknowledge His authority and power, and His kingdom will reign for all time.
Others kneel before the cross
He is Christ Jesus. He is the Lord.

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