Monday Rewrite: Peace on Earth

A little festive reading/sketch for a narrator (N) and a group of readers. There are 9 readers here, but you could do it with less.

N. Right. Drama group – up you come. Let’s practice the Peace on Earth reading. Come on.
The group walk on and start reading.

  1. Christmas is a time for peace
  2. It’s a time for harmony
  3. A time for caring and coming together as one.
  4. For a son is born to us, and he will be called The Prince of Peace
  5. His ever-expanding reign will be one of reconciliation and peace.
  6. Wild animals will lie down together, children will play with snakes.
  7. Everyone will live in harmony and safety.
  8. Peace will be the watchword of the day
  9. And harsh words will never again be heard in the land.

N. Great. That’s perfect.

  1. Well I was all right – but she’s too quiet.
  2. No I’m not – you speak too fast.
  3. She does not! If anyone’s got a problem it’s you.
  4. Shut up! Stop going on at her.
  5. Don’t tell her to shut up!
  6. Yea, or we’ll both shut you up.
  7. Don’t make me laugh – you couldn’t shut anyone up.
  8. Stop arguing you lot.
  9. Yea – stop going on at each other!

All       We’re not arguing!
8&9     yes you are.
All       Oh no we’re not.
8&9     Oh yes you are!
All       Oh no we’re not.
8&9     Oh yes you are! (etc.)
N.       All right – let’s stop being childish.
All       We are not being childish!
N.       Be quiet!
All       (Mimicking) Be quiet!
N.        All right – let’s move on.
All       (Mimicking) All right! Let’s move on.

They walk off still arguing.

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