Monday Rewrite: While Shepherds [A responsive reading]

This reading can involve the audience if you teach the given responses before delivering it.

Shepherds – “Ooh aarr!”    Angel – Flap hands as if wings/or pint to halo and say “Ding!”    Sheep – Baa!      Bright – Flick fingers out and say “WHOOSH!”      Stable – Sniff twice, say “UGH!”    Baby – Suck thumb/or say “Aah!”

While shepherds watched their sheep one night
All seated on the ground,
An  angel in the sky appeared
And bright light shone around.

“Fear not!” The angel said, for they were
Scared out of their minds.
“I’ve got good news – the future’s bright
For you and all mankind.”

The angel said: “In Bethlehem
A baby’s just been born;
His name is Jesus – and he will be,
Your helper, friend and Lord!

You’ll find this little baby
In a stable made of wood;
He’ll be wrapped up in an animal trough
And the place won’t smell too good!”

And when the angel took a break
A million more turned up –
All shining bright and singing strong,
And praising God above.

Then all the shepherds left their sheep
And ran into the town –
They walked in circles trying to find out
What was going down.

They saw a stable lit up bright
Just like a Christmas tree.
They all rushed over, crept inside,
And dropped on bended knee.

The parents of the baby there –
They looked surprised and stressed.
The shepherds grinned, the baby stared,
The sheep were not impressed.

All the shepherds worshipped him
Then went back to their sheep.
The baby in the stable yawned
And just went back to sleep!

And since that time of sheep and shepherds;
And stables shining bright;
The baby has become a king –
And what the angel said – was right…

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