Wednesday Riff: Ps 139

Lord, we are wonderful and complex
Glorious and grubby
Magnificent and moaning
Hopeful yet heretical
Troubled and trusting
Faithful and forgetful
Spiritual and secular
Lord, we are wonderful and complex
With hungry hearts and feet of clay
Slipping and sliding as we look to the stars
Stubbing our toes as we tread on sacred ground
Giving and grabbing, generous and greedy
Loving but loathing, caring but criticising
Capable of good and bad, right and wrong
Doing at times what we don’t want to do
Lord, we are wonderful and complex
And you understand
You see us when we sit and when we stand, when we go out and return
In the light and the dark, in our laughter and despair
When we walk with you, and when we don’t
Forgive us, renew us, refresh and inspire us
Lord, we are wonderful and complex.

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