Monday Rewrite: A Tale of Two Fathers

A mime for a group of two-eight people and one narrator.

Narrator (pause between each line as the group freeze in described poses):
The good father brings up his children with care
Mime holding a baby
He is patient and kind to them
Carefully place the child in a cot
He provides for them
Mime picking up a rattle and shaking it, then place it in the cot
He protects and watches over them.
Place hands on cot and look over

The bad father doesn’t
Step back and sneer
He is selfish and rude
Mime shouting at the child
He mistreats them
Raise hand as if to slap
And he abandons them when they need him most
Turn away

The good father doesn’t
Turn back and see older child, bend down to them
He listens
Smile and listen to them
Mime talking, shaking and nodding head
Instructs and encourages them on
Freeze in a cheering pose


One father gave all he could to his son
Pull money from pockets and hold it out
And then watched him walk away
Watch sadly and wave goodbye
And waste it all
Look horrified
Was he angry?
Angry expression
Was he resentful?
Sneer, and throw up hands
Did he reject the boy?
Hold out hand to push away and turn back

Turn and look at the narrator, surprised
When his son came back, having lost everything, he welcomed him and threw a welcome home party
Look, hand over eyes, look amazed and happy, and throw arms open wide, call out loud, ‘My son!’

All freeze

– – – – – – – – – – –

Featured in the book Useful Bits & Pieces

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