Monday Rewrite: Rahab Gets It Right


It’s easy to judge people, isn’t it? Look at them and make your mind up double-quick… I didn’t plan it this way, don’t know anyone who did, y’know. Wasn’t what I imagined growing up. But don’t pity me – don’t even think about it. And try hard not to judge. Because it’s not as if I’ve never done anything of value, anything important. I’m even mentioned in the Bible. I’m up there with the superstars… you know, Moses, Abraham – those sort of guys. Yeah, me – “Rahab the Harlot” it says. Oh, I don’t mind the description.  It’s better than some things I’ve been called.

What happened was this: some men came to my house one night, y’ know. Like any other night really, but these men were different. They were from out of town, which wasn’t that unusual either, I guess, I get a lot of “visitors “. But I’d heard about these men, or at least heard about their nation. They were Jews, and everyone in Jericho had heard about them – how their God had done some pretty amazing things for them, like setting them free from Egypt and defeating some powerful kingdoms across the Jordan from us. A lot of folks were dead scared of them. But… well, they were really nice to me. No, not in that way… but, I don’t know, it did seem as if they cared about me as a person, y’ know?

Anyhow, like I say, it just seemed the right thing to help them out, they were on the run and desperate and asked me to hide them. So I did, on my roof, under some piles of flax, pretty clever, eh? It almost got me into deep trouble. I had to do some, OK, call it lying, to get rid of the kings’ men when they came looking, but… what can I say, I did it. Me! Too me a lot of courage too. But I reckon it was the right thing to do.


It saved my life, my family’s too. Those men, they promised they’d spare us when they finally took the town, and they were good to their word. We lived, whereas my neighbours, my friends, my “customers”… they didn’t.

No, I’m not proud of everything I’ve done, show me someone who is. But sometimes… sometimes even I get it right.

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