Monday Rewrite: Ravens, Doves, Eagles & Hens

Once a raven took to flight, went out from Noah’s hand
Left the ark, and braved the skies, in a desperate bid for land.
It returned empty.
It later brought a clutch of food gripped within its beak
Fed a prophet called Elijah, stranded by a dying creek.
It saved his life.
Years went by then one bright day it was spotted in the air
When a man from Galilee saw a sign of God’s good care.
‘Think on it,’ he said.

A dove then left the grip of Noah on his behemoth boat
It found new life, brought back a sign for those adrift, afloat
Hope. A new start.
A psalm writer prayed for wings, for freedom like that dove
To leave behind the pressure, escape the push and shove.
His prayer is ours.
Then one day at the Jordan – a dove, a voice, a sign
As heaven called with thunder, ‘This boy is loved, he’s mine.
Listen to him.’

Signs in the sky, wings and beaks, tales of other things
Those waiting on the hope of God, soar on eagles’ wings .
Walking, running, not fainting.
The kingdom like a rampant weed, where birds will come and nest
Mustard from a tiny seed, the kind we might reject.
Not as we expect.
As the son of man neared his time, he imagined a mother hen
Gathering chicks, saved from fire, giving life and breath to them.
The carpenter hammered to death.

Like the Phoenix rising once again, from the ash of hate and fear
There’s an open tomb and a broken seal, and a gardener waiting near.
The carpenter awakes.
For life, for people, for planets and stars, for creatures and the birds
A new dawn breaks, a man walks free, splintering death’s dark curse.
He smiles.
As in the beginning, when the world awoke, and birds first filled the planet
So there’ll be a whole new start, and the one who once began it
Will live with us.

(Inspired by Glenys Richardson)

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