Monday Rewrite: Walking the Garden

God took a walk in the garden
Found a couple of lonely lost souls
Not so long ago they’d been happy
Now they shivered, but not from the cold

There was warmth in the evening air
But frost buried deep in their eyes
Where once there had been truth and light
There was now the glimmer of lies

They had nothing to hide from each other
Till they met a sweet talking snake
Now they need help to be honest
Now their smile is a little bit fake

So God skins an innocent animal
The first death of many to come
Sheds blood to cover their shame
One day it will be his son

Sacrificed for everyone’s shame
A cover for everyone’s loss
What began with those two in the garden
Will eventually lead to a cross

And death at the hands of tyrants
As cynical hatred burns
But their world will shatter and twist
When the sacrificed son returns

And so God keeps walking the garden
For people who want to break free
To escape the hiding and fakery
To get back to reality

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