Wednesday Riff: Help

When we have spent our energy and run out of ideas
When we have tried so hard and yet still fall short
When our vision has gone up in smoke again
When our plans have not succeeded as they should
Help us Lord.

When you come to us by the water’s edge
When you ask us to turn and try once more
When you suggest that we have one more go and our pride battles for supremacy
When it feels such an effort to push the boat out again
Help us Lord.

When that deep water out there seems deeper than ever
When the rowing is harder than it really should be
When it’s hard to believe this effort will really be worth it
When it seems unfair that we should have to try once more
Help us Lord.

When we realise that we are weaker than you
When we sense that you are holier than us
When we get the notion that you have made things happen
When we fall on our knees in weakness and praise
Help us Lord.

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