Monday Rewrite: Bread And Wine

Jesus took some bread and tore it in pieces
Then he lifted the cup and held it up
‘Take this bread,’ he said
‘Drink this wine.
My body,
My blood,
My life broken for you and poured out for all…’
That servant heart shattered and dispersed amongst us,
That life for the world.
That living word, distributed around the universe.
His strength, his honour, his energy and compassion.
Given, offered, laid bare for us,
Waiting for the taking,
For the eating and drinking.
‘Do this and remember me,’ he said,
‘Celebrate my life, my death, my resurrection.
The new agreement between the creator and his creation.
Eat and drink, remember and remind one another.
Take this bread,’ he said
‘And drink this wine.’
And so we come together,
As we are,
Strong and weak, clear-sighted and muddled, hungry and thirsty
For answers, for solutions, for a way forward, for righteousness.
In faith, hope, and love.

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